Boating Business provides unrivalled breaking news coverage of the UK's leisure marine industry which sells more than £1.9bn worth of boats, equipment and services each year - as well as contributing over £830m to UK export Sales. News led editorial follows legislative changes, key industry issues and the latest concerns of the British Marine Federation. In addition, regular seasonal features highlight what's new in specific product areas.

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"Great publication, useful for looking for business and understanding the competition and state of the industry"

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barruslogo"Barrus is involved in many areas of the marine leisure and commercial sectors and Boating Business is a valuable information source helping us to keep up-to-date with news and current issues affecting the UK marine industry." Karen Clarke, Marketing Services Manager, E P Barrus

"Now, more than ever, marine businesses need to be well informed about trends and emerging opportunities versus risks, in our target market's. Boating Business Ribstoremagazine provides me with that information in a succinct, but accurate, format. is a young business and Boating Business magazine has been influential in tailoring our products and service to customers' demands".  Louise Newcombe, Proprietor

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