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"Now, more than ever, marine businesses need to be well informed about trends and emerging opportunities versus risks, in our target market's; Boating Business Ribstoremagazine provides me with that information in a succinct, but accurate, format. www.Ribstore.co.uk is a young business and Boating Business magazine has been influential in tailoring our products and service to customers' demands".  Louise Newcombe, Proprietor

“Great publication, useful for looking for business and understanding the competition and the state of the industry”

“I look forward to reading Boating Business – it helps to keep me up to date”

“An essential source of information for Marine Trade Professionals”

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'A.S.A.P SuppliesAs a trade to trade publication, Boating Business has to be the most effective way of not only making customers and the market aware of what you offer, but also a very good way of keeping you updated with the very latest news and issues, which impact on what we are all doing in the UK. A must read! Boating Business is a respected publication in the industry and we can rest assured that our advertisements are placed in the hands of business owners and decision makers. With news and product features relevant to one of our main target sectors, the printed magazine and the website provide a good base to introduce our products and current news from A.S.A.P. to a wide and relevant audience, backed by a reputable title.’ Peter Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, A.S.A.P. Supplies Ltd

"Boating Business has proved itself over the years to be the most effective medium to reach our target audienceBoating Business has proved itself over the years to be the most effective medium to reach our target audience. The mixture of print and internet has consistently produced good results when promoting our products and releasing news stories to the industry.
Nigel Pearson, Aquafax Ltd 


barruslogoBarrus is involved in many areas of the marine leisure and commercial sectors and Boating Business is a valuable information source helping us to keep up-to-date with news and current issues affecting the UK marine industry. Karen Clarke, Marketing Services Manager, E P Barrus


vetus-logoConsistent focused advertising has always been a strategic part of the Vetus route to market. In the current climate, sails have to be trimmed to the prevailing wind, but Boating Business continues to provide a cost effective B2B interface. No other publication keeps our brand in front of so many industry professionals.
Stephen Baker, Vetus, General Manager

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