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  • Navigation software for PDA and Smart Phone

    C-Map has launched new navigation software, C-eMap, designed specifically for use with a personal digital assistant (PDA) or Smart Phone. 01 Nov 2005

  • CA offers electronic charting library

    Cruising Association (CA) members are used to having one of the country' s largest libraries of nautical books, pilotage information and thousands of charts at their disposal for voyage planning, writes Mark Wakelin. 01 Aug 2004

  • Digital and C-Map launch Internet updates

    Digital Yacht is expanding its range for 2004, with a new electronic charting software product. 01 Mar 2004

  • Evolution of the Electronic Chart Standard

    C-MapNT the most popular Electronic Chart Standard for pleasure and fishing boats has just got better. Bigger areas, improved presentation and a host of other features have now been incorporated into a new technology - C-MapNT+. 01 Nov 2002