Sail Maker

20 Sep 2017

We have an exciting and unique position available within our company for a professional, experienced and enthusiastic Sail Maker.

Working as part of a production team in a purpose built Sail Loft, the role demands working collaboratively to assemble and sew sails ensuring consistent quality. Candidate must be fully qualified in sail making and experience is required in all aspects of sail making from repairing small dinghy sails to large keelboat sails. This role will require manual heavy work therefore the candidate must be physically able to assist with the movement and lifting of heavy sails and machinery. The candidate should be a keen problem solver with the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing challenges of this exciting role.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Make sails from scratch including cut and assemble & finish.
  • Assess damaged sails to establish what repairs would be required at what cost.
  • Repair sails of all sizes to a serviceable standard.
  • Able to re-cut sails and assemble new sails including sticking and seaming panels and hand finishing.
  • Precision and attention to detail is essential to ensure quality of production.
  • Active leader of a team responsible for monitoring, coaching and developing employees.
  • Organise workflow and ensure employees understand their delegated tasks.
  • Work as part of the team to assist with production.
  • Logical and capable of processing data to meet deadlines. Set goals for performance and communicate deadlines to ensure they are met.
  • Work under pressure and make decisions with confidence and efficiency.
  • Solve operational problems and gather resources where appropriate.
Owen Sails
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Sail Maker