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RYA Solent Race Strategy
01 Oct 2009 - Boating Business
RYA Electrics Handbook
01 Aug 2009 - Boating Business
RYA Pocket Guide To Sea Fishing Rigs
01 Jul 2009 - Boating Business
The RYA Powerboat Handbook 2nd Edition
01 May 2009 - Boating Business
RYA Astro Navigation Handbook
01 Apr 2009 - Boating Business
RYA Pocket Guide To Fishing Knots
01 Mar 2009 - Boating Business
RYA Optimist Handbook
01 Jan 2009 - Boating Business
Sixty Years A Fisherman
01 Dec 2008 - Boating Business
East Coast Rivers Cruising Companion
01 Dec 2008 - Boating Business
RYA Knots Splices & Ropework Handbook
01 Dec 2008 - Boating Business
Admiralty Manual of Navigation Vol 1
The 10th edition of the UK' s Admiralty Manual of Navigation Vol 1 has been brought up to date by author Lt Cdr Alan Peacock of the Royal Navy, who details the use of satellites and electronic equipment, such as ECDIS, in this edition, which is published by The Nautical Institute. 01 Nov 2008 - Boating Business
Get a handle on your boat handling
Handling a boat is a ticklish business and you can' t really class yourself as a true boater unless you have been involved in some kind of minor contretemps in a busy marina, generally involving a large and appreciative crowd. 01 Nov 2008 - Boating Business
The Good Launch Guide
This is the third edition of The Good Launch Guide. 01 May 2006 - Boating Business
The Weather Handbook Alan Watts. Second edition £ 12.99, 160pp, 225 x 146, paperback, full colour The second edition of Alan Watts' handbook is, say the publishers, perfect for anyone who finds general weather forecasts frustrating because they don' t give sufficient local detail. 01 Sep 2004 - Boating Business
Trafalgar 200 years on - the 1805 Collection
Norfolk businessman Jonathan Bowman owns all the oak and copper removed from Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory , over the last 80 years during the ongoing restoration work. 01 Nov 2003 - Boating Business
Canal & River Companion - Kennet and Avon, Middle Thames Michael Pearson, 80pp, 150 x 210mm, soft cover, £ 7.95 There are nine Pearsons Canal Companions . They are the most thorough guides to the UK' s canals with absorbing details of the waterway, its surrounding areas and facilities. 01 Jun 2003 - Boating Business