New products and colourways

02 Dec 2016

English Braids has launched several new products and colour ways to existing ropes.

The company’s Silverline was previously available in three colours and has now been expanded to six.

The rope has a 24-plait construction with a 12-strand core. It has been heat set and pre-stretched and designed for easy splicing, low stretch and high strength.

In addition new sizes have been introduced with the range now spanning from 6mm to 14mm.

Another new line from English Braids is a new dockline, Eurodock, that has a 16-plait outer jacket, retaining a high level of twist to allow abrasion. The line has been designed for 30% stretch to absorb the shock of any mooring scenario.

In addition, the company has introduced extra colours in its continuous control lines for dinghies. The 4mm lines are designed for easy splicing with the extra colours introduced due to customer demand.

“Our customers wanted extra colours in these lines,” explained Justin Jones, English Braids sales manager. “Some of the boats are running so many control lines that they need extra colours to distinguish which line is for which control.”

Another new company that has introduced new lines is Southern Ropes that has launched its new DK100 fibre, GP12, with a new solid colour HMPE yarn.

The rope is in-house treated using a thermo fixation process and rather than being coated is solution dyed with no post manufacture pigmentation.

The rope has superior UV resistance for longevity and has been designed not to fade in the sun.

The rope is also designed for easy splicing.

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