New WhisperPower products at METSTRADE

13 Nov 2017
WhisperPower 15kVA water-cooled compact generator

WhisperPower products on display at METSTRADE will include a 15kVA water-cooled compact generatoR

The latest WhisperPower generators and systems were in full operation at METSTRADE.

Products shown included a 15kVA water-cooled compact generator, which comes complete with an inverter and an advanced touch screen remote control panel.

Also on show was the variable speed generator Genverter Piccolo range, which has been expanded with an 8kVA and a 10kVA version.

Generator accessories

WhisperPower has further developed a range of generator accessories available in both complete kit form and as spare parts. They are currently available for all models up to 12kVA.

New generation power systems products include WP-BM Smart Shunt, a central measuring ‘device’ that monitors the 12, 24 or 48VDC power management and displays the charge / discharge status of the boat, vehicle or land-based object’s battery.

This information can also be monitored remotely with an extension to the standard package.

WP Sine 12/3000

A new 3kW inverter developed by WhisperPower is suitable for 12V battery systems and delivers 3000W of power with pure sine wave voltage and a very stable frequency.

Weighing 6.9kg, with a length of 53.9cm, width of 23cm and height of 11.5cm, the WP Sine 12/3000 has a peak power rating of 6kW.

WhisperPower is also to work more closely with Yachtcontrol to use its WhisperCare concept to provide remote monitoring, via GSM or internet, to installations delivered by both companies.

Additional features such as digital switching and extensive domotics will also be added to the WhisperPower range

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