Ocean Safety new product double

30 Nov 2016

Ocean Safety has added to its extensive safety portfolio with two new and improved products – the Jonbuoy Danbuoy Horseshoe combo and the Ocean Standard Liferaft.

The safety expert has integrated its innovative Jonbuoy Danbuoy man overboard marker with an inflatable horseshoe to provide an all-in-one support system and a visual indicator for the person in the water, improving the chances of identification, survival and recovery.  

The Jonboy Danbuoy, which replaces the traditional Danbuoy, is mounted in a compact container on the yacht’s pushpit and is simply unclipped and thrown into the water, automatically inflating to become a bright yellow ‘stake’ marking the location.   

Meanwhile, the Ocean Safety Ocean Standard Liferaft is an update of a previous Ocean Standard model but with a number of improvements.

As a result the liferaft features a high visibility yellow floor underneath for easy identification if inverted. It also features rounded corners on buoyancy tubes to enhance the integrity and therefore long life of the liferaft. The tubes improve the ease of being brought alongside a rescue vessel.

The Ocean Standard liferaft has a container with handles for easy lifting which, with the liferaft mounted on deck, double as handholds for crew moving around the boat.

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