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Christmas Gifts

SafaSail cap gives head protection
America’s Cup sailors these days wear safety helmets. And, as most injuries on board sailboats come from being hit by the boom, it makes sense to wear head protection in whatever boat you’re sailing. 09 Nov 2011 - Boating Business
Helly Hansen’s got it in the bag
Helly Hansen’s Duffel Bag (90L [shown here] SRP £60 or 50L SRP £50) will allow all sailors to confidently set sail for new adventures without compromising any gear. 09 Nov 2011 - Boating Business
Standard Horizon’s hand held VHF radio
Standard Horizon has the perfect Christmas present for the water sport enthusiast in the HX280E. The slim, lightweight and waterproof HX280E hand held VHF radio is an extremely affordable gift with plenty of features. 09 Nov 2011 - Boating Business
Toggi Officer Navigator/Lap Top Case
Navigator and laptop bags are always welcome and Christmas offers the ideal opportunity for people to use them for presents. 09 Nov 2011 - Boating Business
Kannad helps find that man overboard
This is one of those must-have products for crews on offshore boats. It’s the SafeLink R10 Survivor Recovery System (SRS), a revolutionary new AIS beacon from Kannad Marine. 09 Nov 2011 - Boating Business
Oceanair’s practical, affordable gifts
Oceanair says look no further for Christmas gifts because it has a range of practical, affordable gifts to inspire you. 09 Nov 2011 - Boating Business
Festive footwear perfect for Christmas
The new winter footwear collection from Chatham Marine helps make shopping for Christmas gifts that much simpler. 09 Nov 2011 - Boating Business
Henri Lloyd’s Genesis Jacket
This stylishly designed ladies jacket has been designed to offer a waterproof and extremely warm protective layer. So it’ll be just right for anyone wanting to give it as a Christmas present. 09 Nov 2011 - Boating Business
Put them under pressure to clean the boat
Nauticalia’s 12V 15L portable pressure washer, from Mobi, enables the boat owner of crew to power through dirt or rinse off corrosive saltwater when they’re away from mains water and electricity. 23 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
SPOT the ideal Christmas Gift
For a really practical gift this Christmas, UK-based satellite solutions provider Global Telesat Communications (GTC) has just the answer - the new SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger. 23 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
Standard Horizon Christmas gift ideas
Looking for the perfect Christmas present? Then look no further, since Standard Horizon has two practical and affordable gift ideas to inspire you. 23 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
Christmas gift ideas from Gill
Gill has updated its range of headwear for protection against the elements. 23 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
New Grab Bag from Kannad Marine
Another new product has been introduced to the Kannad Marine range of safety equipment. 23 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
Get the new Waterbuoy from Nauticalia
Dropping your keys in water is all too easy (besides expensive, inconvenient and embarrassing), but traditional floating key rings are bulky and will only support a couple of keys. 23 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
MES and Garmin in Christmas tie-up
Bristol-based marine electronics specialists, MES has teamed up with Garmin to offer a cracking Christmas deal on the Garmin 152i fixed mount GPS. You’ll see change out of £100, which means your Christmas budget can stretch that little bit further. 23 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
Get Santa to bring a sit-on-top
What about a sit-on-top from Santa to make someone’s Christmas a bit special this year? An ideal choice is the Mysto from Ocean Kayak which is great fun for beginners and experienced kayakers. 23 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
Henri Lloyd - one for the ladies
Sailing is one of the only sports when men and women can compete on even terms and at the same level, also more women than ever now take part in sailing, which was apparent at Cowes Week where around a third of the competitors were female. 01 Nov 2009 - Boating Business
McMurdo offers Fast Find accessories
There’ s now a range of accessories for McMurdo’ s latest - and the world’ s smallest - Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), the Fast Find, which was launched earlier this year. 01 Nov 2009 - Boating Business
Keep your customers safe in shipping lanes
Sitting at home at Christmas, it' s easy to reminisce over those near misses we' ve all had. To help avoid those near misses, AIS - the system that' s mandatory on all commercial vessels over 300 GRT - shows the owner details of a ship' s current position, course, speed and most important the identity, making a voice or DSC VHF contract easy to establish. 01 Nov 2009 - Boating Business
Kestrel hand held weather meters
It' s important to know wind speed when preparing to go out on (or in) the water. While the original Kestrel 1000 monitors wind speed, average wind speed and maximum gusts, a more updated version, the Kestrel 2000, comes complete with a temperature reading (including water temperatures). 01 Nov 2009 - Boating Business