Hydrosphere’s partnerships

01 Dec 2016
The Sentry lifebuoy monitoring system

The Sentry lifebuoy monitoring system

Hydrosphere entered into a partnership with The Lava Group to distribute and sell its Sentry lifebuoy monitoring system across the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

In addition, the aids to navigation company signed to be the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the French made FullOceans range of buoys.

The Sentry system electronically monitors the presence of a lifebuoy within the lifebuoy enclosure.

When a lifebuoy is removed from its enclosure, an alarm is triggered and notification sent to a server via the GSM mobile or Iridium network.

Real-time monitoring is carried out at regular intervals to ensure the lifebuoy is still in its correct position.

The products add to Hydrosphere’s already extensive range of navigation buoys and data buoy platforms from Mobilis, Vega lights, chains and moorings and other navigation equipment.

The buoys are single compartment high-density UV-stabilised recyclable foam-filled polyethylene. They are all foam filled to remain unsinkable and designed to recover their shape in the event of being hit.

All lifting and mooring points are constructed from S235 hot-dip galvanised steel and the radar reflector is made from marine grade aluminium 5083/5086.

The ballasts are cast iron with a density of 7.3.    

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