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The ups and downs of water power
The wave and tidal resources are huge round the UK, and although it’s not how seafarers usually see it, the places around the north of Scotland are especially blessed. 25 Apr 2012 - Boating Business
Riding the waves
Neil Davidson of Aquamarine Power explains that water’s not all the same: ask any sailor. 25 Apr 2012 - Boating Business
Sea energy breaks through
One repeated question has been, ‘why has wave and tidal power been lagging behind wind in getting to market?’ There are a few answers, but it seems that it’s not such a bad position to be in, writes Stevie Knight. 25 Apr 2012 - Boating Business
If you're not eco aware, you're nowhere
The move towards more and more Eco Awareness is gathering pace, says Peter Nash. Companies offering the thought that their products might help the environment will succeed. 01 Apr 2009 - Boating Business
From David Thomas
Dame Ellen is busy rushing around the China Seas setting records in her remarkable trimaran. 01 Apr 2006 - Boating Business
From Howard Pridding, executive director of the BMF
The industry is a broad church and there are understandably differing views on the red diesel issue. I can only say that the BMF has been strongly and widely praised for the work that we have done, in partnership with the RYA, to mitigate the impact that the immediate and abrupt loss of the derogation would have on the industry and the boating market. We now have strong support for our position from politicians and government officials. 01 Apr 2006 - Boating Business
The last days of the Dinosaurs?
If diesel for leisure marine use was priced at parity with road diesel, says Henry Mayhew, managing director of Ecocats, the boating community would be far more motivated to improve fuel economy for the benefit of its customers and the environment Was I the only ExCeL visitor this year to feel that I was seeing a rerun of The Last Days of the Dinosaurs? 01 Apr 2006 - Boating Business
From Ocke Mannerfelt
In Sweden you can only buy sulphur free class diesel - its price is approximately 30% higher than yours in the UK. 01 Apr 2006 - Boating Business
Protect the boating environment
This latest version of the Environmental Code of Practice was developed by the British Marine Federation (BMF) in partnership with the Royal Yachting Association (RYA). 01 Feb 2005 - Boating Business
It's not as bad as it looks
The environment is never far from the minds of the legislators, whether they be in Brussels, London or the local village hall. 01 Feb 2003 - Boating Business