New Blue Water Runner

The Blue Water Runner is designed as two Yankee sails on a single luff cable The Blue Water Runner is designed as two Yankee sails on a single luff cable
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Elvstrøm Sails UK has created a new sail designed to give the thrill of surfing downwind, easy to control and stow and able to withstand days of constant use.

“The Blue Water Runner effectively performs the role of three sails in one,” says Jeremy White, Elvstrøm Sails’ UK loft manager.

Designed as two Yankee sails on a single luff cable, the Blue Water Runner works as a light up-wind genoa and a reaching Yankee when the two-ply sails are together. 

When running downwind it can be peeled open into goose-winging mode, which in effect doubles the sail area to increase speed.


It can be trimmed and poled out like a spinnaker or used without a pole and with the mainsail furled or dropped.

“My vision was for a sail for blue water cruising and family sailors who may want to sail for downwind for days, with speed, stability and safety,” says Jeremy.

The Blue Water Runner’s twin sails are hoisted, furled together, in front of the headstay. They can be unfurled and furled when required and left up when not in use thanks to its use of Dimension CPP 3.5pz polyester storm spinnaker fabric, rather than nylon.

One of the key safety features of this sail is the fact that it ca be safety stowed with the pull of a line from the cockpit. There is no need for a snuffer or for crew to stow it from the foredeck.

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