Innovative materials is showcase focus

09 Oct 2017

Material Xperience On Tour at METSTRADE will include presentations on smart, recycled and bio-based materials

Inspirational and innovative materials for yacht building will be the focus of Material Xperience On Tour at METSTRADE.

The sustainability-centred showcase of raw materials will be presented with the theme ‘Floating Future’ and is being organised by Materia at the Construction Material Pavilion.

Materia’s partners will hold presentations on smart, recycled and bio-based materials, as well as various digital techniques such as 3D printing.

Emerging materials

Discussion will also take place around origami textiles, luxury leather, 3D printed surfaces, panels made from seagrass, acoustic and fireproof metals and tiles of recycled plastic recovered from the ocean.

Material Xperience On Tour lectures and presentations will include the challenges of designing and building the world’s first 3D printed submarine submersible for scuba divers from scratch, led by Daan Pol, the founder of Ortega Submersibles.

René Ritmeijer, chief commercial officer at 3D Robot Printing and partner at 010works, will talk about the possibilities for 3D printing of boats in the near future.

Els Zijlstra, Materia’s founder and creative director, will also discuss the ways in which the yachting industry can be inspired by innovations and developments in other sectors.

METSTRADE will be held in Amsterdam from November 14-16.

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