Scores of products launched at METSTRADE 2016

Texan Grill with IntelliKEN touch control
Texan Grill with IntelliKEN touch control
Bowmaster articulating deployment arm
Bowmaster articulating deployment arm
Ino-Ending from Ino-Rope
Ino-Ending from Ino-Rope
Ino-Rope sailing block
Ino-Rope sailing block
The Kollation from Zhik
The Kollation from Zhik
The LT-500 AHRS
The LT-500 AHRS

METSTRADE is one of the most important times of the year for the marine industry with the launch of new products often saved until November each year. This year was no exception with scores of products and services launched at the show.


Rutgerson celebrated its 40th anniversary with the launch of several new products including a block series for high loads, a new range of clewboards and a new batten receptacle.

The ROC block has a roller bearing to give low friction and lower weight.



Naviline has long been perfecting panels to produce lightweight joinery for boat interiors and launched a new composite panel from parent company Malvaux at METSTRADE.

The panel uses a closed cell PET foam core with a 3mm gaboon ply balancer on each side that can be laminated to any veneer or laminate as desired.

Typically a 12mm core with 3mm of plywood and veneer or laminate on one or both sides is strong enough for cabin soles or bulkheads, saving roughly a third of the weight of solid boards.

In addition, the PET foam made partly from recycled drinks bottles is rigid enough to hold screws directly into the core so can be used for making doors without the need for infills to take the hinges and locks.


Lars Thrane

The LT-500 AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) unit is designed for the leisure and professional maritime markets.

The unit is small and compact with 11 precision sensors. With the use of sensor-fusion and Kalman filtering, the LT-500 unit outputs true heading, roll, pitch, air pressure and real-time temperature.



The Ino-Rope is a new company specialising in exotic fibre integration. The products are designed to be strong and also light with the target to provide products that are easy to use and maintain.

The company is developing a new sailing block concept and has other projects with the same goal of being stronger and lighter than other products.

Also new from Ino-Rope is the Ino-Ending based on a patented textile axle technology and available in a range of sizes.



Pacific-Top premium is a new 100% solution dyed polyester fabric with a PU-coating.

The product is 230g/sqm is UV-stable and dirt and water-resistant and is designed not to attract mould.

The cloth is durable and long lasting, resistant to salt water, chlorine and bird droppings.



The Webasto Blue Cool A-Series is a new product family of air handlers incorporating an instant drain condensate management system meaning spills of condensate water on wooden fixtures of boats are a thing of the past.

Part of the design includes lateral water diverter plates on the heat exchangers that prevent the condensate from dripping down the sides.



Sailmon claims its E4 model will change the way sailors enjoy and interact with their sailing data. Designed to be easy to use, the E4 allows users to check on their boat from home, capture adventures and share with friends.


M1 Distribution

The new Smart Earth 2 stroke oil from M1 Distribution is designed to work in any carb or DFI two-stroke motor. The oil is made from soy and is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe for all waterways leaving no harmful chemical in the water.

The oil offers additional lubrication burns cleaner and reduces smoke from the engine, reducing the amount of carbon released into the air.


Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta’s battery management system is a fully integrated solution for monitoring and maintaining the boat’s batteries.

The result is control and uptime with the convenience and security of a remote wireless e-Key system.



The Piening Controllable Propeller has composite bearings in the hub that are DNV GL approved and aimed at providing a long life, reducing service time and costs.


Blue Sea Systems

M2 OLED temperature monitor accommodates up to four individual sensors. With a temperature range of -40 to 125°C, it can measure temperature at the engine exhaust making it ABYC compliant. Other features are an audible alarm, plus four waterproof temperature sensors. The OLED display provides clear screen vision.



Icom’s IC-M93D EURO is billed as the world's slimmest buoyant DSC radio so far. The radio has a 2.3in large high visibility LCD and an intuitive user interface. Features include a built-in DSC class D with CH70 receiver, Float'n Flash, MOB auto set function, integrated GNSS receiver and active noise cancelling. It’s also IPX7 submersible.


Innovative Coverings of America

The Nautikflor design integrates custom logos into the Marine Grade Nautikflor boat floor. The new planks are inserted using the Nautikflor click system and look natural. All the planks are water and humidity resistant due to the PVC Core and 3D high definition digital print.



Sandiline’s goal for its Atlas sailing trousers was to create a trouser that is comfortable, provides performance without being bulky.

Light and stretchy materials are used on the sides of the torso, the lower leg and shoulders enabling the trousers to fit, regardless the position or operation, with no restrictions to comfort.


Mustang Survival

The EP 6.5 ocean racing dry suit has been engineered using MIL SPEC 6.5 with GORE-TEX fabrics and an Aquaseal waterproof zipper to provide waterproof, breathable protection. The seams are sealed and the suit has a waterproof high-vis hood, breathable waterproof socks and adjustable neoprene seals.



Digital switching has been a breakthrough technology for control and safety however it can be complex says Mastervolt. Its new Combination Output Interface (COI) replaces up to five units with one module, reducing space, interconnections and installation cost, making it viable for more applications. New simplified features provide an intuitive experience and one touch control from integrated touch screens.


Vision Systems

Nuance is a new solution to replace standard shades with an electronically dimmable solution laminated into glass or polycarbonate.

It blocks 99.9% of UV and 54% of IR. Photovoltaic cells integrated onto the frame enable Nuance Eco-Smart to be self-sufficient in energy. The opacity control from clear to dark is made by a touch panel integrated into a boat’s hatch.



The Schwepper solenoid lock is a seawater resistant electronic doorlock that can be integrated into any kind of electronic board system. It can be used for central locking or unlocking of multiple door units in emergencies through electrical button or via mobile phone.



The new Gill Helmsman Gloves are billed as the most technologically advanced sailing gloves in the world. They are made with tougher fabrics and a ‘unique’ construction for performance.

The gloves use Porelle membrane technology that is low noise, waterproof, highly breathable and durable. In total, eight functional fabrics are incorporated into the gloves, each says Gill with a unique property.


JDC Electronic

Skywatch BL500 is a weather station for smartphones featuring Bluetooth technology with windspeed, temperature, humidity, pressure and UV index. Users can share their experiences and measurements with friends on the main social networks and can also use the tracking mode to automatically record weather data and GPS position.



Proline is the new generation of tethers developed by Wichard with the aim  of offering increased safety and ease of use.

The tether is compliant with ISO12401:2009 and ISAF Offshore Special Regulations


M1 Distribution

Smart Earth 2 stroke oil will work in any carb or DFI two stroke motor. Made from soy It is non toxic, Biodegradable and is safe for all water ways leaving no harmful chemical in the water. It offers 5x the lubrication of any petroleum based motor oil. Burns cleaner, reducing smoke from the engine and thus reducing the amount of carbon released into the air.


Motion Global

Motion magnetic glassware and accessories have been designed to be secure from falling over in a moving environment. The glassware is fitted with a powerful neodimium magnet imbedded in the glass. The magnetic glass is compatible with a corresponding surface and stays secure such as a tabletop, placemat, coaster or storage tray.


Al Marakeb Boat Manufacturing

MAP SYS is a marine autopilot system created by Al Marakeb Boat Manufacturing, available for both commercial and maritime defence and security applications, allowing the user to autonomously steer their vessel on a pre-routed course via an app on their handheld device with the option for remote helm steering.


Sea Sure

Shock Mitigation is designed to improve passenger ride quality. It has been designed as a retro-fit unit for the leisure market and says Sea Sure improves the ride experience so much, it feels like a couple of meters of length have been added to the boat.


Euromed Yachting

Ber Evolution has been designed to be an innovative, reliable and high quality system that is adaptable to any type of removable system, tender or jet ski.

It can be used on a slide rail with either a locking installation or via a fixed installation.

On teak decks, the system is fixed using eye bolts and is removable. It has an adjustable angle from 15° to 180° with tilting rubber coated rollers. The product is made of 316 polished stainless steel.


Holland Marine Parts

The new, smaller Jet Thruster Compact system is designed for manoeuvring a bow or stern using water pressure.

The system’s small and powerful turbine and components enable installation of the thruster system in a variety of boats – shallow draft or lightweight – where installing a traditional thruster would be difficult or impossible.


Kenyon International

The Texan Grill with IntelliKEN Touch Control is a waterproof touch control that integrates swipe technology with user-friendly features.

Two large grilling surfaces with dual temperature zones allow users to sear steaks on one side while grilling vegetables on the other. A touch control system activates concealed heating elements while also providing a visual indication of the heat setting and temperature.



The Downwind/Deckchute is a cockpit based shorthanded gennaker system to aid launching and recovering.

The system is suitable for all sizes of gennaker and for use in all weathers.

As Deckchute says, to use other systems, boaters must leave the safety of the cockpit.


Hella marine

The LED surface mount strip lamps from Hella marine have an new waterproof switch designed for reliable operation. The lights are completely sealed and are UV and corrosion resistant with an ultra-low profile design with ‘exceptional’ output and high CRI. They are suitable for interior and exterior applications.



Zhik’s Kollition is an impact protection suit containing multiple impact pads that integrate into a pant and wetsuit as well as other items from the manufacturer. It is made from a lightweight material, with durable pads that are designed to still be malleable and conform to the shape and movement of the body.

The suit will not degrade in wet conditions.


TeamO Marine

In response to several fatalities, TeamO Marine has launched its patented TeamO Backtow deck harness.

While conventional harnesses often tow users face down when they fall overboard while tethered to a vessel, after Backtow is deployed the victim is turned in to a seated position, leaving their airways clear and communication possible. The strop forms an easy-access lifting point for recovery.



The new electronic life jacket inflation system, sens07 combines safety technology features found in car air bags with a microprocessor-controlled inflator module. The system will inflate automatic life jackets in dangerous situations, but will not cause inflation through rain, spray or other uncritical water contact.

The device will fit the majority of existing jacket designs.


Esthec composite decking

Esthec has launched a new luminous decking material powered by solar energy. Power is stored during the day and then converted into light at night time. The luminous decking will then ensure gangways remain visible in the dark, increasing safety for anyone moving around the deck at night.


Mer Agitee

The eTellTale from Mer Agitee aids the efficient trimming of sails. Instead of using strands of wool to optimise the adjustment of sails, Mer Agitée has developed a system that allows access to information regarding the sails, day and night and in all the weather conditions.

Analysis of performance can be made in real time and transmitted to the autopilot and onboard electronics.

The device is wireless and lightweight and is suitable for both offshore racing and super yachts.


CJR Propulsion

CJR Propulsion’s TrialsAPP is a tablet based wireless data acquisition system for accurate measurement and recording of vessel performance. The system creates a Wifi network on a boat and will measure vibration levels, noise levels, shaft rpm, boat speed and vessel running angle, heel angle and turning circles/



Vetus’s retractable bow thruster is designed to make docking easier with low drag and less noise.

The company claims the new line of retractables will enable anyone to dock and turn a boat even in the smallest of ports.

Features of the thruster include lock and hold, overload and jam protection, together with optimised ergonomics.


Thetford Marine

Thetford Marine has launched a raft of new designs including the Tecma Flexi Line 2G, the Elegance 2G, the Tecma silence plus 2G short and large bowl models.

All the new models combine new design with improvements but build on the existing macerator technology. They have the same footprint and outer dimensions as previous models and are available with a matching bidet.

The Tecma Flexi Line 2G has a side fixing that provides fast installation and a smooth surface, in addition, an air admittance valve is integrated to prevent syphoning and backflow.

Also new from Thetford Marine are the Tecma HosePlus 38 and the Tecma HoseHelix 38.

The Tecma HosePlus is a butyl odour shield rubber hose with a double wiring steel reinforcement.

The hose has a low permeability level of less than 1% to keep bad smells in the hoses and prevent them spreading out of the marine sanitation system.

The HosePlus is very flexible and comes with a five-year warranty.

The Tecma HoseHelix is a PVC hose with a steel wire reinforcing helix and again has good flexibility together with being crush resistant.

The hose has an odour shield to limit the spread of odours and a white smooth extruded surface.


Manson Anchors

The new Manson Hulk anchor is billed as the next generation superyacht anchor. The anchor is rated by Lloyd's Register as having super high holding power and is available in galvanised and stainless steel. The anchor is manufactured on site at Manson's purpose built anchor manufacturing plant.

Manson Anchors has also launched an anchoring app that offers four key anchoring aids to boat owners.

The features are an alarm that will alert the owner if their vessel has drifted, a scope calculator, an anchor chooser to ensure the best anchor for your vessel is picked and a bay rating system to enable boaters to view and make ratings on anchorages throughout the world.

The Bowmaster Generation 3 Superswivel from Manson Anchors offers Superyacht builders a more cost effective anchor to chain connection, whilst still offering the same strength, and certification as previous Superswivels. The swivel removes the need for a long chain, directly connects the anchor to the chain in one link length.

The Bowmaster articulating deployment arm offers a robust cost effective system for deploying an anchor.

It is designed to be used with off the shelf items and is the first time this system has been available from Manson Anchors.


Fusion Entertainment

Fusion says its StereoActive is the world’s first portable marine stereo, designed for stand-up-paddle boards, kayaks, aluminium boats or ribs.

The stereo combines top class design with quality music reproduction, intelligent functionality and an extensive feature set.

The result is a rugged floating portable marine stereo with Bluetooth audio streaming, a radio tuner and USB socket. It can also be used for iPhone or android audio playback and charging.



Cristec’s voltage guard VLTG-70 will protect a battery in order to optimise its lifespan by providing constant low voltage, high voltage and overload protection. It is compliant for any 12 and 24VDC battery type such as AGM, gel, lead-acid or calcium.

The low voltage level can be adjusted through the use of external DIP switches. When the selected threshold is reached, DC utilisations will then be automatically disconnected.

Also new from Cristec are two battery chargers.

The DC-DC battery charger, Ypower 12-24V/30A has been designed to charge a 24V battery bank from a 12VDC power source using a smart five-step charging curve.

The charge regulation is similar to a standard shore battery charger and matches all battery types. A typical use would be a 24V bow-thruster battery bank charge from a 12V onboard network.

The Hpower chargers replace the CPS3 range. Several models are available from 12V/80A, 24V/45A, 60A, 80A and 100A as well as some 48VDC and three phase units.


Mercury Marine a division of Brunswick

The VesselView mobile app allows users to see SmartCraft digital engine data on the screen of their mobile device.

The app is available for iOS and android mobile devices and will transmit data from gauges, sensors and vessel systems, giving users a higher level of control over their boat’s propulsion and electrical systems.



The Stealth porthole series from Amare is integrated into glass, imperceptible to the touch with the hinges and levers completely flush.

Amare has used a new Lockma patented system for the porthole lock that means levers or knobs are hidden from view.

One of the advantages is the fact that there is no glueing required and the porthole is flush from both the internal and external view of the boat. It is certified for CE and pleasure motor yachts.



The Ropeye X-Block allows users to create their own block using the PRO frame and low friction ring by lashing a diagonal X-structure inside the frame. The device is double secured and efficient at high loads while spinning freely at low loads for smooth easing in light air.


Palm Products

The Palm Caffe Cup uses new materials and two disruptive technologies to create a travel cup that is tactile and where the coffee can be seen, smelt and tasted without any taint.  

Palm Products has used a patent protected triple-wall cup body that it says is up to 40% shorter and insulates better than most double-wall cups. The design-protected pivoting lid is leak proof, has a natural cup-like drinking action and is easy to open and close.


Karver Systems

The KBR M is a new model from Karver Systems designed for superyacht applications.

The high load-lashing block has stainless steel sides, a titanium sheave, titanium rollers and ceramic lateral balls. It is suitable for loads from five tonnes to 40 tonnes.


Eberspächer Climate Control Systems

EasyStart Web is a web-based remote control system using a web server that receives commands entered from a smartphone app or web browser and sends them in data form to the recipient via all the available mobile networks.

It has an unlimited range.


Nautix Marine Paints

Nautix Prestige Coolblack is a new black two-component polyurethane coating. It uses a special pigment that the company says reduces heat absorption to 35% compared to normal black paint.

Dark composite structures have improved the coating’s long lasting protection with no post baking effects. Black yachts will also benefit from better insulation and a cooler atmosphere in the cabin, reducing the need for air conditioning.



The Multiple Rescue System allows up to 20 people, waiting for rescue in the water, to hold on to the inflatable floating device until they are rescued by supporting ships. It can also be used as a rescue system for ultra lights in case of emergency landing on the water or as buoyancy chamber for bigger boats to avoid their sinking.



The new antal Barber Block is a snatch block with a low-friction-ring head. It provides an immediate entry of the sheet as the cheekplate revolves around the sheave axes allowing the block to open and a 2:1 control.


Sadira Marine Products

The salt kit remover is a kit for winterising outboard and inboard engines and is designed dissolve salt deposits on any surface. The kit also contains a corrosion inhibitor that protects the surfaces exposed to salt water.



Manufactured using expanded composite materials, Cool-Dek is up to 65% cooler underfoot and 60% lighter in weight than the old 1G synthetic decking. Cool-Dek uses UV stabilised outdoor grade PVC to deliver a more realistic grained teak appearance compared to EVA foam. Like conventional synthetic decking Cool-Dek is fully welded and fabricated to suit any size of panel.


Sea & Boat

The hydraulic boarding side ladder has automatic self-levelling teak steps and removable polished inox rails. It can be rotated 90°. The ladder is constructed from powder-coated stainless steel and can be housed in the bulwark when not in use. It has a stainless steel control panel with push buttons and sensors to confirm the ladder’s position. It also has wheels that can rest on a quayside.


Thermex Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanger manufacturer Thermex launched its new finned tube stack technology at METSTRADE.

The company’s finned tube stack heat exchangers have fins added between the heat exchanger tubes, designed to provide a much greater surface area and allow for more heat to be removed from a smaller space than conventional tube stacks.



The Marinum Cap has been made unsinkable due to its specific construction and materials. So if it does blow off, it can be retrieved using a boat hook.

The company has developed several designs of unsinkable caps based on traditional headwear shapes.


Digital Yacht

WindSense is a new wireless wind system designed to allow iPads, tablets, smartphones and PCs to display accurate apparent wind speed and direction. It features a high quality, precision masthead sensor with a 20m cable that connects to an interface unit below the deck providing a wifi and NMEA 0183 wired connection.


Gator Guards

New GatorSkinz Soft Touch is a durable, shock-absorbing flooring that is hand troweled.

The granules contain no EVA and no Polypropylene, designed to give years of service without degrading and flaking.

The flooring is available in 24 colours and colours can also be blended together for a speckle finish. The product has been designed to allow water to drain through and it is also non-skid when wet.



The advanced marine vinyl upholstery material Tropical is ‘an innovation between the outdoor usual products’ says manufacturer Italvipla. It is made using the company’s ‘Fresh Colours’ technology to reduce the heat build-up of the surface when exposed to direct sunlight. Nano-technology is applied to make the material weather resistant.


Thermowell di Renato Napoli

AirJet12 is a 6.100 BTU/h 12V marine air conditioner. It has been designed for use for cooling single cabins and is equipped with a scroll compressor that allows the direct connection to the boat’s battery bank. The unit uses a dedicated compressor control driver to avoid start-up peaks. Under nominal conditions AirJet12 draws 45Amp.



Connected Rope - patent pending – provides boat owners with visibility, control and security over their mooring lines.

The device will inform users of any problems with mooring lines together with stresses and strains on the lines.



The SUNBEAMsystem tough 100W flush is said to be the first 100W junction-box free solar panel.

The panel’s surface gives double UV-protection compared to previous models from the company and is also non-skid.

In addition, it provides improved light transmittance and is dirt repellent. Connection is via 1.95mm thick pre-tinned wire.



The new generation of Equator underwater LED lights has a new front shape. The lights use the latest technology that allows almost 50% higher illumination intensity than previous lights.

The casing is 10mm thick and the lights have a built-in driver. They are available in an aluminium, bronze or stainless steel casing with six, 12 or 36 LEDs.


Nodus Factory

The new releasable textile karabiner T-Smile has a failsafe system built in, allowing users to safely open it and drop the line.

The product is designed to replace knots, shackles and metallic snap shackles. They are easy to release and have high working and breaking loads.

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