New boat, new outboards

The ROV1304 under build at BW Seacat's premises ROVas boat under build at BW Seacat's premises
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The first application of Suzuki Marine’s DF325 outboards in Northern Europe will be shown at Seawork 2018.

The outboard will be on a ROV inspection and survey boat designed by BW Seacat for Norwegian company ROVas.

The ROV1304 has a 13m long fast displacement hull and is the operator’s fourth vessel on the same lines.

As Ben Plummer of BW Seacat explained, the vessel aims to do more with less: like its sisters it will be suitable for duty cycles of several days, a pair of crew working in two shifts.

Dynamic lift

The overall shape has a fine entry bow from which flows a chine designed to generate lift by deflecting the bow wash. This, in conjunction with the dynamic lift generated by the flat, box-like stern section helps to mitigate any pitching motion that could come from the narrow bow, resulting in a smooth and steady ride.

This vessel also has its outboards on pods on the back of the transom to lengthen the waterline, increasing the efficiency of vessel and enabling less power to be used for the same speed.

The V6 Suzuki outboards have a high, 10.5:1 compression ratio. In order to avoid misfiring the manufacturers have worked on the air mix, using two smaller injectors to reach the required precision on the stroke timing as well as improving atomization, increasing output by 3%, with no knocking.

Smaller footprint

Suzuki’s contra-rotating propellers – also found on the DF350 released last year – distribute torque over both sets of blades, decreasing the gear diameter, allowing for a smaller footprint while increasing efficiency.

According to Ben, the Suzuki DF325 'should have more grip throughout the speed range'.

The design has also benefited from elimination of steering torque and there has also been work on a stronger reverse thrust.The vessel will be on VA42.

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