UK debut of Halyard’s Exhaust Alert system

04 Sep 2017
Halyard Exhaust Alert system

The Exhaust Alert system acts as an overheat warning system

Halyard will debut its new exhaust alert system and discuss product updates at Southampton Boat Show.

The exhaust alert system is an overheat warning system for water-cooled exhausts, providing both audible and visual alarms should the system exceed its safe operating temperature.

David Johnson, Halyard sales director, explained: “ Southampton Boat Show provides the perfect opportunity for us to connect with sailors and motorboat owners, as well as support our OEMs and distributors.”

Sensor in gas flow

The new system incorporates touch screen control, a test facility and a warning alarm. It comprises a sensor, junction box and helm display.

The sensor is placed in the gas flow, with the data displayed on the helm display which displays a warning light for each engine.

The product’s warning system is designed to protect sailors from potential injury and the exhaust system, engine and vessel from expensive thermal damage.

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