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Raymarine fixed-mount radio
FIXED-MOUNT RADIO: The newest addition to Raymarine’s line of fixed-mount radios is the compact Ray52 VHF with built-in GPS receiver. 28 Apr 2016 - Boating Business
Sailing into the green
The newly launched GreenCat 605 brings together a number of ecofriendly concepts – but builder African Cats says the 61ft boat is 'luxury comfortable' with four cabins, king sized beds and en suite bathrooms. 28 Nov 2012 - Boating Business
The future is already here
There are some truly innovative and green onboard power solutions around that can cover almost any application - big and small, race and cruise, sail and motorboats, writes Stevie Knight 20 Nov 2012 - Boating Business
No need for sacrifice
There are a growing number of customers with a green conscience, but a large expectation where comfort’s concerned, explains Paul Holland of Energy Solutions UK. 20 Nov 2012 - Boating Business
What lies beneath?
A small blister on a hull can be just that, or it can be hiding something nastier, like impact damage to the core behind the skin. But how do you find out if a repair’s needed without actually sawing a chunk out? 09 Sep 2011 - Boating Business
Smart tech cuts down labour
A new wave of technology is helping to nail down both build and repair costs, writes Stevie Knight 09 Sep 2011 - Boating Business
Sunseeker sidebar
12 Jul 2011 - Boating Business
Sunseeker - securing the future
The role of finance director at Sunseeker is the one of the most formidable in the European leisure marine industry, says Matt Johnson. With an annual turnover around £300m and 2400 employees it’s a major enterprise. 12 Jul 2011 - Boating Business
Superyachts go into orbit
The superyacht market has gone into orbit, says Peter Poland. Fuelled by the funds of Russian oligarchs and ‘new money’ billionaires, superyachts have grown bigger and more sophisticated. 08 Sep 2010 - Boating Business
Computerisation cuts build times
The greatest improvements in build time (essential for controlling costs) are largely down to computerisation, says Peter Poland. Precisely cut plywood panels and furniture modules can be mass produced and slotted into hulls; which move down production lines in the biggest builders’ modern factories. 08 Sep 2010 - Boating Business
E-glass still dominates and CSM still survives
When times get hard, the bold get developing and bring out new models, says Peter Poland. If there’s one sure way of grabbing a bigger share of a diminishing market, this is it. 08 Sep 2010 - Boating Business
Don't get stuck over which adhesive to use
The use of adhesives has enabled many companies to save time and money. Colin Chapman , marketing manager at Loctite UK, explains which type to use for marine applications and how design concepts can save a great deal of money For many people a glue is simply something which sticks two things together. But the application of engineering adhesives is, of course, a little more sophisticated than that. 01 Oct 2003 - Boating Business
Boatbuilding's advancing technology
With talk of ovens, freezers, vacuum bags and choppers it could be an episode of Master Chef. It isn't - it's all part of the new language of boatbuilding as David Parker reports 01 Oct 2003 - Boating Business