Lightweight compass fastener aids sailboats

10 Aug 2017
button-fix Type 1 fastener

Four Type 1 fixes can safely hold up to 200kg

Traditionally, nuts and bolts that add unnecessary weight to the boat are used to secure a boat’s compass.

However, for RS Sailing, an alternative, lightweight method was required for its RS Aero dinghy; instead the company is using Button-fix Type 1 fasteners, often used in furniture, to secure compasses.

“Using Button-fix fasteners means that we have the flexibility we were looking for to allow us to remove the compass after sailing, whilst providing a secure fix when on the water,” said Alex Newton-Southon, MD – operations and technical at RS Sailing.

The removable fixing solution consists of a lightweight durable nylon button and a mating fix. The button was provided in black to blend with the boat’s branding.

To allow the compass to be demountable, the button is secured to the boat, whilst the mating fix is attached to the compass. Both components are then combined, producing an audible ‘click’ when connected.

Installed with a 15mm gap, the compass can be unattached when not required.

Four Type 1 fixes can safely hold up to 200kg and can be used to secure compasses, interior furnishings and boat paneling.

The fasteners are suitable for horizontal, vertical and 90° applications.

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