VPLP announce catamaran with powerful 400m2 sail

09 Nov 2017
VPLP design's Evidence

VPLP design's 156-foot catamaran has a wingsail which is reefable, furlable and fully automated. Image courtesy of VPLP design

VPLP design has revealed details of a new 156-foot catamaran powered by a 400m2 sail with twice the average power.

Evidence’s wingsail is reefable, furlable and fully automated and produces twice the power of a conventional sail.

The wingsail design builds on the successful launch of Oceanwings and when integrated into a hybrid propulsion system, it can reduce the fuel consumption of the main engines and the greenhouse gases they emit.

Solid performance

Marc Van Peteghem of VPLP said: “Usually, when you double the length of a boat, you multiply the size of the sail plan by four and the mechanical stresses by eight. But not with Oceanwings.

“Given that it is twice as powerful as a traditional rig, you get the same level of performance for half the surface area, which is a particularly attractive idea for yachts that rarely put up the sails because of the immense physical forces involved…”

Mr Peteghem said that Evidence offers the “stability, space and performance of a catamaran with the bonus of a simple yet pioneering rig.”

Designed for crossing the Atlantic, Mr Van Peteghem said the vessel’s automated wingsail and mechanical propulsion – which can be electric – gives her an “incredible” range.

He added the wingsail concept is also suitable for cargo ships and fishing vessels.