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Products are becoming more complex and digitally controlled Products are becoming more complex and digitally controlled
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People who moved to lithium ion when the technology first came out are still using their original batteries while those who stuck to lead acid will have replaced theirs two or three times, writes Katina Read.

That’s the message from Mastervolt that first launched the technology in 2009.

“They were seen as very expensive,” said Nick Holland who heads Mastervolt’s UK office. “It was probably too early for people to see the tangible benefits but now there is a growing movement towards lithium ion.”

He added: “People who are building high performance race boats like the technology.”

These include the Volvo Ocean race boats that are due to set off around the world this month and also the next generation, the Super 60s that will have Mastervolt batteries installed.

“We’re working with the designers to look at what battery will be used,” said Mr Holland. “They’re available in 12 and 24 volt and can be used in series for higher voltage.”

Other developments in terms of power generation, said Mr Holland, include the products becoming more complex and digitally controlled.

“If a battery is on its own network, we can dial in and access the products remotely and reset the system whereas not many years’ ago it would have meant calling someone out who needed to have all the right kit at a tremendous cost,” he said.

“Going back to 2011 we were involved in a lot of the commissionings but now we don’t have to do anything like that. Yards can install the systems and we can dial into the boat and finish it off. There’s lots of clever things going on.”

However, with the downside being that if the system does go down, a boat owner will lose ‘everything’, then systems need to be as resilient as possible. This, says Mr Holland is an area Mastervolt is particularly looking at.

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