Variable speed generators are more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly

Fischer Panda uses variable speed technology to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness Fischer Panda uses variable speed technology to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness
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Variable speed is the latest technology used by Fischer Panda UK to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness for customers looking for onboard power when they are away from their berth.

The company’s next generation iSeries ‘Perfect Power’ generators are designed to meet fluctuating power requirements and spikes in activity making them kinder to the environment.

“The iSeries sets can be much more accurately sized to suit the user’s power requirements as the variable speed technology allows for a very high overload capability,” said Chris Fower, marine sales and marketing manager, Fischer Panda. “This is particularly significant if the generator is needed to run systems such as an air-conditioning unit, water maker or diving compressor, in addition to charging batteries and running domestic appliances.”

5kVA to 150kVA 
Fischer Panda’s iSeries gensets range from 5kVA to 150kVA using technology that adjusts the speed of the diesel engine according to the user’s power requirements with the output voltage remaining constant from the PMGI inverter.

“This not only significantly improves fuel efficiency but also benefits the environment as the engine is always working correctly loaded thereby operating at its most efficient with reduced wear and emissions in comparison with a traditional generator with fixed speed RPM,” explained Mr Fower.

Another advantage he says is that the permanent magnet alternators on variable speed generators allows the sets to be smaller and lighter than conventional fixed speed equivalents.

“A fixed speed set of similar capacity is likely to be virtually double the weight and 30% larger in volume,” he said. “If a large yacht has a couple of generators this is a really significant potential saving in weight and space.”

Fischer Panda’s generators have also been designed to have low sound levels and minimum vibrations and feature environmentally-friendly inverter technology.

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