New B&G Zeus3 Glass Helm

B&G Zeus3 Glass Helm B&G Zeus3 Glass Helm can be used for planning a route, checking for obstacles and weather or navigating
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B&G’S new Zeus3 Glass Helm series has an ultra-bright, wide-angle, HD display featuring an all-weather touchscreen and a glass design.

Designed specifically for blue-water sailing, multihulls and superyachts, the Zeus3 can be used for planning a route, checking for obstacles and weather on the radar display, or simply navigating to the next destination.

“We are really pleased to introduce the new B&G Zeus3 Glass Helm,” said Alan Davis, product line director at B&G. “It provides a sleek, intuitive and powerful solution for larger sailing yachts and can be integrated easily to work with and control the many functions on board, including B&G dedicated sailing and navigation features to the onboard digital systems.”

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The screen enables users to view data through polarised lenses, from any angle, even in bright sunlight.

A built-in quad-core processor provides speedy data processing and eliminates the need for a separate black box, simplifying installation and making it easier to integrate radar, ForwardScan, charting, autopilots, sonar, digital monitoring and control into the glass helm system.

Taking data from B&G instruments and sensors on the network, B&G SailSteer provides a graphic display of boat speed, wind speed, heading, tide, wind shift sectors and laylines. Waypoints can be added and courses plotted, and with B&G SailingTime, users see waypoint arrival times based on a sailing course and tidal effects, rather than a straight-line calculation.

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