New radar has advanced target capabilities

11 Oct 2017
'Target Analyzer'

Two approaching targets are depicted in red

Furuno has launched a new radar with Target Analyzer technology to quickly identify targets, track their speed and course vector.

The DRS6A-NXT’s Target Analyzer is facilitated by Furuno’s Doppler technology and will automatically change the colour of targets approaching a boat to clearly show any hazards.

Green echoes are stationary targets, land, or approaching targets moving at a velocity of less than 3 knots.

Echoes turn red when targets are approaching the user’s vessel at a speed of 3 knots or faster, making it easier to identify and predict its course.

The technology works the same when following another vessel. Target Analyzer also works independently of the user’s ship speed.

The NXT Radar’s ARPA signal processor will display and track up to 100 targets in a single sweep.

The entire target theatre can be viewed, monitored, and tracked simultaneously, at any range.

The radar’s resolution encompasses a 2.3, 1.9 or 1.4-degree horizontal beam width on a 3.5ft, 4ft and 6ft open array, respectively.

The short range and long-range target resolution has been enhanced for users to pinpoint hazardous objects as close in as 30ft and as far out as 72 nautical miles.

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