Small Boat Network Starter Kits

12 Jul 2017
Actisense’s plug and play SBN solution

Actisense’s plug and play SBN solution

Actisense is expanding the reach of its Small Boat Network Starter Kits, which aim to bring the benefits of NMEA 2000 connectivity to smaller boats, RIBs and run-arounds, to Canada.

The Actisense Small Boat Network (SBN) solution claims to make installing a small NMEA 2000 network quicker and easier.

"We are proud of our multi-year relationship with Actisense and admire how this innovative company constantly pushes the envelope to offer boaters an unparalleled level of capabilities and options, especially when it comes to making the latest in NMEA 2000 information-sharing technology," said Robin Martel of Fugawi, Actisense distributor.

Actisense’s SBN solution contains the equivalent of four T-pieces in a single moulded case providing a significant time and space savings with the need to connect multiple T-pieces entirely eliminated.

Termination resistors are also built-in the SBN which further increases cost savings.

Once the moulded and attached three metre cable is connected to the boat’s battery, an NMEA 2000 network is ready to use for up to four devices.

The other product in this series, the RIB Starter Kit (RSK), is also now available through Fugawi’s network of dealers.