Yacht security system supports 192 sensors

10 Oct 2017
GOST Apparition

GOST Apparition can control access for up to 32 external or internal doors and hatches

A touchscreen security monitoring and tracking system which can support up to 192 sensors has been launched.

The GOST Apparition is designed for large yachts and can control access for up to 32 external or internal doors and hatches, enabling users to check the status of each one by touching any of the screens installed throughout a vessel.

Jay Keenan, president and CEO of GOST, said: “If the system goes into alarm, the customer can simply touch a flashing icon and see the exact location of the sensor in alarm.

“In a high-stress situation, this can be particularly helpful, giving users precise situational awareness and complete control regardless of the emergency.”


Users can programme different rules for different doors, limiting or granting access as they see fit. Additionally, up to eight partitions can be programmed.

Apparition keypads are available in 5 and 7-inch models and up to 16 touchscreens can be connected on a single network.

The technology can use both wireless and hardwired sensors and a Wireless Expansion Module (WEX) installed in the engine room of a large vessel allows for deployment of up to 32 additional wireless sensors.

Apparition also offers high water, low voltage, smoke and heat detectors, as well as intrusion detection sensors.