1000hp engine boosts yacht power

04 Aug 2017
Volvo Penta D13-1000

New pistons, injectors and improved cooling systems are included in the Volvo Penta D13-1000 engine

A new 13-litre engine sees Volvo Penta move into the 1000hp leisure marine engine market for the first time.

D13-1000 aims to provide market-leading performance and durability in yachts of up to 120ft.

Johan Wästeräng, vice president for product management in the marine leisure segment at Volvo Penta, said: “This is hugely exciting for us to create our most powerful engine yet.”

With an optimised power-to-weight ratio and low-end torque, the redesigned engine is accompanied by a new drivetrain and features new pistons, injectors and improved cooling systems which combine to produce 11% more power than on previous engines, said Volvo Penta.

The D13-IPS1350 matches the D13 engine with an upgraded IPS pod drive. The 1000hp engine provides the equivalent power of a 1350hp engine when matched to the IPS drive.

When compared to a traditional inboard shaft engine installation, Volvo Penta said its IPS provides a longer cruising range, higher top speed, reduced fuel consumption and emissions, reduced vibration, lower onboard noise levels and a superior grip in the water.

D13-IPS1350 is available in twin, triple or quadruple installation; the latter of these provides power to the equivalent of 5400hp.

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