Nord Drivesystems demonstrates its functionality

Nord Nord Drivesystems providse flexible configurations for torque, speed, and duty type requirements
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Nord Drivesystems’ ability to provide flexible configurations for torque, speed, and duty type requirements has proved invaluable for Navalimpianti.

Highlighting the effectiveness of its technology, Nord said the extra options it offered was helpful for Italian ships outfitter Navalimpianti, which found that adapting drives for maritime use no longer required a great application-specific engineering effort.

Nord stated that Navalimpianti appreciated its readiness to implement specifications such as IP66 ingress protection or stainless-steel output shaft fittings.


Nord drives are also used to operate Navim Skydomes. Composed of numerous movable segments and equipped with a motor, the sliding glass roofs allow the year-round use of outdoor swimming pools on cruise ships.

Two or four parallel-shaft geared motors are used depending on the span and weight of the roofs.

The drives must be resistant to maritime climates and chlorine and have failure-free operation as they are not easily accessible for maintenance or repairs.

Window cleaning

Moving window cleaning platforms into position is also another task NORD accommodates.

"We are outfitting two ships right now," says Silvano Lonzar, chief designer at Navalimpianti, "one with six and one with seven motorized window cleaning platforms for the ship's right, left, and stern side."

Four bevel and worm geared motors per window cleaning system power the winches that move the platforms horizontally along. The worm-geared motors are self-holding and do not need brakes to stop.

The fans of the vertically installed motors are protected from rain ingress by double canopies. Further safeguards include terminal boxes sealed with epoxy resin and stainless steel hollow shafts.

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