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Vetus launches new saildrive options

01 Jul 2006
Vetus launches new saildrive options

Vetus has introduced complete saildrive packages across its entire small engine range right up to 80hp.

The new saildrive is manufactured by ZF and is available, with appropriate reduction gear ratios, to suit eight Vetus Diesel models from the 11hp M2.C5 right up to the 80hp VH 4-80, including all the intermediate models - the 13hp M2.D5 and 16hp M2.06, 25hp M3.09, 33hp M4.15, 42hp M4.17, and 65hp VH4-65.

The new saildrive offers the flexibility to mount the engine ahead of the drive, or above the saildrive.

The VH 4-80 is the most powerful naturally aspirated engine available on a saildrive from any manufacturer - and all Vetus diesels available with the new saildrive are naturally aspirated.

The unit can also be mounted on existing (Volvo) GRP beds, or an optional GRP mounting can be supplied to incorporate in the hull mouldings for new builds, or for retro-fit on old shaft drive installations.

Vetus reckon two or three blade folding or feathering propellers will be considered almost mandatory and say a range of specialist propeller options from expert suppliers are compatible with the new saildrive.

Vetus Den Ouden T: 023 8045 4507. F: 023 8045 4508 E: sales@vetus. co. uk W: vetus. co. uk

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Vetus launches new saildrive options

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