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Paints & Coatings

Pettit Marine anti-fouling paint
International marine coatings company, Pettit Marine Paint, has launched what it calls its highest-performance racing finish to date. 23 Mar 2017 - Boating Business
Record-breaking year for Suffolk Yacht Harbour
An investment into a new Coppercoat spray facility has paid off for Suffolk Yacht Harbour with a record-breaking number of antifoul applications completed. 06 Mar 2017 - Boating Business
MY Air has a repaint
The 81m MY Air, initially launched in 2011, has undergone a repaint - in a distinctive matt black colour. 02 Feb 2017 - Boating Business
Marclear full strength is relaunched in the UK
Having centralised its manufacturing and distribution processes, Marclear is now relaunching its High Strength antifoul in the UK with the aim of helping small to medium sized businesses. 02 Feb 2017 - Boating Business
Owatrol Oil protects and penetrates
Sales at Owatrol are up 20% year on year with the company planning an extensive growth plan for 2017. 31 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Marine & Industrial sees antifoul sales rise
Seajet’s UK distributor, Marine & Industrial, had its best year ever for sales of Seajet antifoul in 2016. 31 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Formula makes it harder for organisms to stick
With legislation set to increase regarding antifoul formulas, manufacturers are looking at alternatives that will still prove effective. 31 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Addition to range
AkzoNobel has added to International’s topcoat range with the launch of its Perfection Pro. 31 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Safe antifouling initiative launched
Everyone using antifoul should wear the right personal equipment – that’s the message from the British Coatings Federation, (BCF), which along with the RYA and British Marine, has launched a new DIY Safe Antifouling Initiative. 31 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Changes to Marineware’s lineup
Akzo Nobel has launched a new range of interior coatings for furniture, kitchens and interior panel work. 31 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Impending BPR leads to manufacturers developing new products
“Whatever regulations are thrown at us, we will make a product to fit the application,” says Hemple’s Darren Gittins in response to the latest impending biocide product legislation to effect paints and coatings manufacturers. 31 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Coppercoat Superyacht debut
BOAT DEBUT: Aquarius Marine Coatings has showcased for its new anti-foul, Coppercoat Superyacht, at the Monaco Yacht Show. 28 Sep 2016 - Boating Business
EU approval for copper compounds
The European Chemicals Industry (ECHA) Biocidal Product Committee has approved Dicopper oxide, copper thiocyanate and coated copper flake as antifouling substances within the EU Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012. 08 Aug 2016 - Boating Business
Hempel’s Classic sees sales growth of 30%
Hempel’s Classic antifouling was originally formulated for commercial marine vessels operating in colder and temperate waters. 01 Feb 2016 - Boating Business
New brand from Teal and Mackrill
Teal and Mackrill’s history stems from providing antifouling paint to the fishing fleet in Hull. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business
Conditions improve for Vitesse
Vitesse managed to buck the general marine industry trend and grow its coatings sales and revenue in 2014, writes Katina Read. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business
Seajet carries out extensive testing
Marine and Industrial supplies two key brands; Seajet and Jotun, both major players worldwide. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business
New products from Hempel
With ten R&D centres worldwide, Danish based Hempel works hard to evolve its products for the marine leisure and commercial markets as legislation dictates changes, writes Katina Read. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business
Boats stand out and come to life with new colours
Boat owners don’t necessarily want blue or white boats any more and paint manufacturers are responding with metallics and fluorescent finishes among the latest colours on offer, writes Katina Read. 27 Jan 2015 - Boating Business
Hempel works to meet EU regulations
Denmark-based coatings supplier, Hempel, is working hard to further develop its topcoats and varnishes for the yacht market to meet the latest in a string of EU regulations, Rachael Doyle finds out. 22 May 2014 - Boating Business