International streamlines and improves its antifouling range

Micron 350 is International's best product for both consumer and professional Micron 350 is International's best product for both consumer and professional
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For International, the Biocidal Product Regulations has been seen as an opportunity to streamline its antifouling range, while also improving on attributes such as performance, colour and durability.

International’s Tom Rose, product manager, global yacht marketing explained that during 2017, the company launched several new and improved antifouling products with enhanced formulas and characteristics.

“As part of our continuing commitment to our customers, at AkzoNobel, we’re constantly seeking out new innovations and improvements for our products,” he said.

“The new AkzoNobel antifouling products from the International yacht paint brand have been formulated with BPR in mind and will go through the approval process like any other biocidal product.”

Review technologies

He added: “We continually review technologies that provide fouling control solutions to our end users - this includes both biocidal and biocide free technologies - and will continue to do so in future to ensure our products provide the best performance.”

New antifouling products introduced by International include Micron 350, which uses self-polishing copolymer technology.

“Micron 350 is our best ever product that is available for both consumer and professional use,” said Mr Rose. “It uses self-polishing copolymer technology that allows for more controlled polishing and biocide release rates resulting in improved performance.”

All boat types

International has also launched Ultra 300, a hard antifouling, Uni-Pro 250 for professional use and Cruiser 200 that is aluminium compatible. Cruiser 250 and Boatguard 100 have also been launched in 2017.

The products are suitable for all boat types.

“We will continue to offer customers industry-leading products to protect their boats from fouling in compliance with biocide regulations,” concluded Mr Rose. “These products will continue to offer outstanding protection, performance and value for money, without compromising on safety and sustainability.”

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