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Aquafax signs with Sea-Fire
Aquafax has signed with Sea-Fire, adding to its safety portfolio. 01 Feb 2017 - Boating Business
Pyrotechnic compound is reduced
Over the last few years, developments in technology have enabled pyrotechnic manufacturers to drastically reduce the amount of pyrotechnic compound used in flares. 31 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
EPIRB technology is taken for granted
“We’ve seen a sea change in people’s attitudes in terms of safety equipment and DSC. People have seen how useful it is,” so says McMurdo’s Sean McCrystal. “People now take EPIRB technology for granted however changes are taking placed in terms of legislation. “In the US there are new regulations banning non GPS EPIRBS. America is well ahead of other areas in terms of safety.” 30 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Helly develops its H2 Flow system
Helly Hansen has added to its buoyancy aid range with the launch of its latest life vest. 30 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
New floatation vest from Spinlock
Campaigns by the RYA and RNLI to encourage boaters to wear a life jacket are having an effect with more of an understanding in particular from motorboaters. 30 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Secumar’s new lifejacket
Secumar's new FREE 100 lifejacket is designed for open water swimmers, stand-up paddleboarders, surfers or anyone who might need a small unobtrusive lifejacket in case of emergency. 27 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Survitec and Sunsail partnership
Survitec Group is to partner with Sunsail UK to supply the yacht charter company’s entire fleet with its safety equipment requirements. 09 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Agreement signed
Ocean Safety has signed an agreement to provide safety equipment to each yacht in the 2017/2018 Volvo Ocean Race, the fifth consecutive time the company has supplied the yacht race. 03 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Life Cell achieves SOLAS certification
Life Cell Marine Safety’s buoyancy device, Life Cell, has achieved SOLAS certification, meaning that it can now be used onboard ships bound by the Convention. 22 Dec 2016 - Boating Business
McMurdo and Elcome agreement
EXPANSION: McMurdo has announced a new agreement with Elcome International to expand its reach in the global commercial marine market. 14 Oct 2016 - Boating Business
AIS alarm box from Ocean Signal
Ocean Signal will introduce its waterproof AIS alarm box at the show. For use in the event of a man overboard incident, the device has been designed to provide visual and audible indication the moment a AIS-MOB or AIS-SART signal is received. 18 Aug 2016 - Boating Business
McMurdo clinches US Coastguard contract
COASTGUARD CONTRACT: McMurdo, the emergency response expert, has been awarded a US$3 million contract with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). 18 Aug 2016 - Boating Business
‘Unprecedented’ testing for lifejacket
Spinlock has created what it claims is the world's most technologically advanced lifejacket for the Land Rover BAR America's Cup team. 16 Aug 2016 - Boating Business
New children’s lifejacket from Crewsaver
Crewsaver has launched a new lifejacket designed specifically for children. 05 Aug 2016 - Boating Business
Alarm box goes global
ALARM BOX: Ocean Signal has started shipping its new AIS Alarm Box to customers across the world following successful uptake on the market. 25 Apr 2016 - Boating Business
Compliance regulations should be dovetailed
Compliance is an ever increasing cost for businesses with more pieces of paper and more government bodies laying down regulations, writes Katina Read. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business
Oceanair puts safety procedures in place
At least one child a week suffers injury or worse caused through strangulation by the cords on domestic blinds, writes Katina Read. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business
Lifejackets are useless unless worn
Crewsaver has taken on a challenge to reduce the number of people who do not wear lifejackets. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business
Flares have a purpose
Contrary to may people’s beliefs, flares don’t spit hot metal and have to comply with strict criteria ensuring consistency and accuracy, so says Chris Feibusch, head of global marketing at Drew Marine Signal and Safety, parent company to Pains Wessex. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business
New lifejackets from Plastimo
The RNLI’s lifejacket guide states there must be enough lifejackets on board to suit all shapes and sizes, including children and pets, writes Katina Read. 26 Feb 2015 - Boating Business