E2S Warning Signals now MED compliant

12 Sep 2017
SONF1 alarm sounder

The MED compliant products include fire alarm horn sounder SONF1

E2S has extended its range of marine equipment directive (MED) compliant products to include selected E2S warning signals equipment.

The E2S warning signal products have been approved as compliant to the MED, EU directive 2014/90/EU by DNV.

The MED compliant products are 24 VDC versions of fire alarm horn sounders SONF1, A105N and A112N. The IECEx and ATEX approved BExS110 alarm horn sounder is also MED compliant.

Audible and visual signals

Combined audible and visual signals SONFL1X, AL105NX and AL112NX are available with outputs up to 119dB(A)@1m paired with a 5 Joule, 200 candela Xenon strobe unit fitted with a clear lens for maximum light output.

The DNV approval confers global approval to IEC 60092 – 504, covering electrical, electronic and programmable equipment intended for automation, control, monitoring, alert and safety and protection systems for use in ships and to IEC 60533, which specifies demanding minimum requirements for emission, immunity and performance criteria regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic equipment for ships with a metallic hull.

In addition, the products are CPR compliant through VDS approval to EN 54 -3 for audible signals and EN54 -23 for combination audio visual signals.