Lifecord uses detection technology

Lifecord is a smart kill cord that can detect when it is being worn
Lifecord is a smart kill cord that can detect when it is being worn
The light tape is available in lengths up to 30m
The light tape is available in lengths up to 30m
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Lifecord is a new type of smart kill cord that users can’t forget to wear incorporating detection technology if it’s not worn, similar to seatbelt warning in cars.

The device has been developed by Landau UK, motorboat user John Barker and design company Triteq and follows the tragic deaths of Nick and Emily Milligan in Cornwall in 2013 who were run over and killed by their own rib.

“The product has been two years in development,” explained Landau’s chief executive Ben Metcalfe. “John came to us with the concept and we helped develop and design the product.

“Unlike typical kill cords, Lifecord’s detection technology is designed to trigger an audible and visual warning alarm should it be connected to the boat's kill switch but not the pilot, similar to the seatbelt warning in a car.

“The kill cord audibly goes up in volume if it’s not worn and a light flashes to remind people.”

A key and clasp connector incorporates magnets that detect when it’s under tension and thus being worn. There is also a lifejacket key available that again incorporates the detection technology.

The battery can be used for up to 15 minutes a day for 365 days’ a year and is user changed.

The Lifecord – which is British made - will be distributed through Landau UK and will be available to purchase from March 2018.

In addition, Landau is now supplying new light tape originally used in mines.

“If the power goes out, the miners can still find their way out,” explained Mr Metcalf. “It has a very low power consumption and is available in different colours and sizes in lengths up to 30m.”

The tape is 0.5mm thick and is suitable for a range of areas including marina walkways.

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