Maximising space and capacity

28 Jul 2017
Every millimetre counts when designing water storage tanks

Every millimetre counts when designing water storage tanks

An important factor of an efficient and effective water system is to have adequate tank storage meeting on board demand and regulation, points out Jolyon Martin, business development manager for Tek Tanks.

A crew of four is able to conservatively consume 25 litres of water a day and over a long weekend, more than 100 litres, leading to many litres of grey and black waste.

Boat designers know that every millimetre of space counts and as such there is a continuous design battle when drawing up a new boat layout. Space has to be found for all the necessary equipment and fixtures and everything needs room to function correctly.

Coming up with a good design, maintaining a practical and friendly living area with good storage can be a challenge and incorporating water storage tanks is just one part of the puzzle.

“Due to their physical size and weight most of these tanks are installed below the waterline with the boats framing structure assembled around them,” explained Mr Martin. “As more and more customers demand higher capacity and increased sailing range, the traditional shaped storage tank has changed.

“We used to supply the standard rectangular shaped water or waste tank but nowadays OEM’s and retro fit yards are increasingly requesting more elaborate shaped tanks. An indication that our customers are looking to maximise holding capacity and utilising every available space.”

Tek Tanks has developed quick fit 40 and 60 litre vertical waste tanks to provide OEM’s and yards with a flexible alternative to the traditional bilge tank installation.

Less plumbing is required and the tanks also have easy access.

"These tanks have proved to be extremely popular,” added Mr Martin. “So popular that we will be introducing an 80 litre version in the very near future."


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