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Further standards to control the discharge of black and grey water are inevitable, however it’s essential that technology is available to meet any regulations that may come into force. So says Paul Gullett, Wave International MD, who sits on a consultation committee looking to further control the standards relating to the discharge of black and grey water.

As he points out, in Australia regulations were introduced relating to this issue on the Murray River however the systems available couldn’t meet the legislation laid down so cannot be enforced.

“Regulations are required,” says Mr Gullett. “I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t admit that. The problem is being looked at but it’s got to be right. Industry specialists are being consulted but it is a very complex issue as there are many components in grey water such as sulphates, nitrates, different chemicals.”

However, despite the complexities, Mr Gullett says Wave International has come up with a system, Wavebrite, that will clean the water.

The system works by taking out the larger particles such as hair and lint and oils and greases such as body oil and sunscreen.

It will also take out phosphates that contribute to weed growth and deoxygenate the water.

In order to develop the system, Wave International spent several months working with Whale Pumps to develop the technology.

 “We’ve developed a multimedia unit with three different filters in it to accomplish what we set out to do,” explained Mr Gullett. “We’re a filtration technology company based around marine products.

“We own the manufacturing company that makes the products for us so we’re able to look to the market and see what’s required.”

Other new products from Wave International are Wavestream FP, the Wavestream bilge water filter system now available with a bilge pump, Wave Mini Boss, Flostream, PROstream and Waveshine.

Wave Mini Boss is an IMO certified bilge and oil water separator, Flostream purifies drinking water and PROstream is a dual sediment and oil remover and Waveshine removes minerals from water making it suitable for washing down without any smearing and softening it for onboard use.

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