Whale evolves its waste tank

05 Dec 2016
Whale's new lid for its grey waste tank

Whale's new lid for its grey waste tank

Whale has continued to evolve its grey waste tank with the development of a dual protection lid with two watertight sealing lips to prevent water ingress.

The tank uses intelligent control technology and the internal sensor now comes encased in a waterproof protective housing to ensure all electronic components are safeguarded against the harmful grey waste environment.

Whale says its latest version of the lid is more robust than ever before, designed to reduce dirt and debris build-up.

Two wires can be connected to any 12 or 24v pump system up to 20A, with no requirement for a relay, allowing simple installation. The use of intelligent control technology ensures the pump is activated automatically when a high level of waste is identified.

“At Whale we are always striving for continuous improvement on all our marine products, building on years of experience within this core market,” said Richard Bovill, Whale engineering director. “This latest innovation in grey waste systems provides a reliable and durable solution for boat owners.”

The lid can be bought with a tank or stand alone to be retrofitted to an existing tank. It is also available in a double switch version for high-level alarm or secondary pump control.

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