Overseas expansion for Tesup

London-based Tesup Electronics, a recent exhibitor at the Southampton Boat Show, manufactures renewable energy products such as wind turbines and flexible solar panels, writes Adam Bernstein.

It’s a truly international firm as it also buys wholesale from factories and retails to customers all over the globe.

Onur Mesci, head of business development at Tesup, says the company is eyeing further overseas expansion – ‘soon we’ll have a warehouse and office in San Diego, USA’.

With the overseas perspective set, Mr Mesci has hopes that Brexit won’t hurt his company: “If the UK Government can create good deals with other counterparts and markets we can export well and it would be good to expand in new markets especially developing countries.”

He is firmly of the view that the free movement of talent, know-how and technology across the EU has driven costs down and efficiencies up, all to the benefit of consumers, adding: “We need to focus to carry on doing this ourselves too.”

In terms of how Brexit has affected business, so far, Mr Mesci says Tesup has not been affected and in fact the company may benefit from the process: “We design, manufacture and wholesale renewable energy goods.

“There is an issue of renewable energy targets. Brexit would free the UK from its EU-agreed obligations but these only apply up until 2020. Beyond that, the UK already has its own targets, which are more ambitious than Europe’s.”

As for Tesup’s customers, Mr Mesci believes Brexit will have an effect on pricing. In fact, his customers are telling him that they are expecting an increase in cost of buying. And in terms of the future, ‘probably the market would not be big as now and we prefer to do business in big markets’. 

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