Have or have not?

The Cardinal tells it like it is... The Cardinal tells it like it is...

Is it me or is the gap between the haves and the have not in the industry continuing to grow?

Or to quote the great George Gobel ‘Did you ever get the feeling that the world is a tuxedo and you’re a pair of brown shoes?’

I believe we are in danger of the top of the industry loosing sight of those ‘shoes’ and forgetting to nourish the future use.

Every industry, for that is what we are, is in effect a pyramid. The customer sitting squarely at the point.

The layers of the pyramid move downwards from that customer through sales, marketing, design, services, equipment, in fact right down to the makers and the doers.

Each part needs the other and in reality each is all so interdependent that a pyramid structure does not seem even to start to be fair to each component.

But going back to the start, the top of our industry seems to be so disconnected from the base that unless it starts to engage with it problems will only increase.

Already I hear the upper echelons moaning and groaning about lack of investments in technology and training of those below, this will be small beer compared to companies throwing in the towel, down trodden and dispirited.

I have been to too many events, dinners, seminars and so on, over the last while in this industry, which contains the same people, talking to the same people, about the same thing, I guess you would call it a clique.

The big issue is that for anyone to break in to a clique and present a different view of the world, it becomes a major problem. All that therefore happens is the same old same old.

We need to start to look beyond the usual suspects and create opportunities to encourage those who could add so much more in the industry.

Anyone fancy taking on the establishment and rebuilding that pyramid?

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