Older age

It is becoming more and more obvious to me that the average age of my boating buddies is ever increasing, with little sign of the youth following on currently.

It also occurs that many of them are for their advanced age still incredibly able, active and mentally capable, even after a number of G&T’s.

So with this in mind with customer growth being as important to our industry to that of any other, how can we help keeping these folk involved for as long as possible.

Maybe even presenting the benefits of OAP boating to get more of that older generation on the water increasing participation?

Maybe we should be really making the health benefit case and getting a bid into the NHS…

Have us older lot out on our boats keeping active, helping with mental fitness and dexterity. It could literary save gazillions in medical care if the NHS funded our activity.

Think about it, we could have a ‘Grey boating activity’ or a ‘OAP afloat’ fund, focused on the health benefits of on the water activities for those over say 60.

The money could be paid direct to your personal account, based on a sliding scale up to a maximum of your full years mooring fees, plus a drink fund. With extra top up funds when you introduce an OAP to boating…

All of the OAP generation out in the boats not having to worry about the cost, imagine the immediate reduction in blood pressure at the very least…

I see no problem at all, mind you I did but my glasses down and still can’t find them…

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