The Cardinal tells it like it is... The Cardinal tells it like it is...

Trust. A little word with big consequences within our leisure marine industry.

The days of an agreement, an understanding, dare I even say a handshake confirming the trust in a job being done. This was everything you needed to know. Trust now between two people representing the best interests of each company seems to be a rare event, sadly.

There was a time not so very long ago, when trust was a relied upon event - not questioned, if you were told ‘it’ would happen you had every confidence and trust that it would be so.

That very old school notion of knowing what could be done, agreeing the actions and enforcing the agreed outcome, seems to have been tramped under foot of the clueless.

I find it so sad that so many people seem to have lost that belief, instead relying on unenforceable contracts and reams of emails covering themselves, for when it all goes wrong.

Trust should be the corner stone of what we all do should it not, always able to do what we commit to, not looking for a caveat for something to not happen as promised?

But trust, I can confirm, is in short supply with a recent poll in a bar at a boat show confirming this….

But why and where has all that trust gone, why and where did it go and how should we tackle this trust cancer that eats at our very being? How empowering it was when you could trust in what was agreed!

Well maybe trust is a light that starts within. Become ever more trusting in your works environment, look more people in the eye when they are agreeing to something (Skype is a wonderful thing in these long distant business relationship days), hope earnestly that in the end everyone wants to be trusted and be seen as earnestly reliable.

Then maybe with a little bit more trust coming back in to the sector we can cut down on the unnecessary email and paper trails that blight all of our lives, or maybe I am just a naive old fool – I will leave it in your worthy trusted hands to decide.

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