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Keeping Britain in...
Having put together some thoughts on taking the UK out of the EU in a previous comment, here are a few thoughts I’ve collected on keeping Britain in. 16 Mar 2016 - Boating Business
As the Rio Olympics approach…
Suddenly the press is full of the dangers of the Zika virus. 16 Mar 2016 - Boating Business
This month’s comment is a tricky one…
Generally, my comments are fairly easy to prepare. There are one or two conflicting points of view, with a few little sidelines that add some interesting little facts. 16 Mar 2016 - Boating Business
So how did the CWM FX LBS really go?
It’s always so easy to come up with end of show quotes. Everyone is full of enthusiasm; there were quite a few people at the show and, by all accounts, a lot of business was done. 12 Mar 2015 - Boating Business
Well done Princess...
Well done Princess… 12 Mar 2015 - Boating Business
By the time you read this, the Budget will be the hot topic
Then again, in years gone past, this close to the Budget we would have expected the nation's press to be full of what their journalists expect to see. 24 Mar 2014 - Boating Business
This year’s London Boat Show offered a warning
It seems the London Boat Show works for most of its exhibitors. But, as Peter Poland points out, the future looks shaky. 06 Mar 2014 - Boating Business
What a way to start a New Year
Mercator Media owns Boating Business, Seawork, a bunch of other titles (like The Motor Ship and Maritime Journal), some excellent exhibitions – like IceFish – and a few growing conferences – like Gas Fuelled Ships. 16 Jan 2014 - Boating Business
Goodbye Mr Henri
Last month, along with many others from this industry, I went to the Mr Henri Tribute organised by his sons Paul and Martin Strzelecki at the Polish Club. 09 Dec 2013 - Boating Business
It seems things really are looking up
That is, of course, out there in the Big Wide World, where the Chancellor has received another burst of good news. 09 Dec 2013 - Boating Business
A good show. OK, not a great show...
But this year’s PSP Southampton Boat Show showed there is life yet in the old dog that is the UK leisure marine industry. 09 Dec 2013 - Boating Business
And so to the Southampton Boat Show
There are those who might feel I having the first day of the show on Friday the 13th might be pushing things a little too far. 03 Oct 2013 - Boating Business
It seems to have taken off at last...
After a timid start to the summer, it all took off last month when the sun got his hat on and came out to play. 03 Oct 2013 - Boating Business
Things are looking up…
We generally accept the UK follows the USA in most things, including economic trends. So if what’s happening right now in the USA will be paralleled over here, I reckon we can start looking for things to start getting better over here. 03 Oct 2013 - Boating Business
Farewell Baroness Thatcher
Regardless of how you viewed Mrs Thatcher’s political decisions, I hope most credit her for putting the Great back in Britain. 03 Oct 2013 - Boating Business
Triple dip? Or no dip?
So we seem to have got past the probability of entering a triple dip recession, according to most of the pundits. 03 Oct 2013 - Boating Business
That BMF boat show statement
There are times when I am presented with conflicting stories. Like the BMF saying its roots lay in an association called The Boat and Yacht Builders’ and Proprietors and Allied Trades Protection Association. 04 Apr 2013 - Boating Business
Will this year be THE year?
There are a few little indicators out there that give rise to a gentle feeling things might be about to get better. 25 Mar 2013 - Boating Business