By the time you read this, the Budget will be the hot topic

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Then again, in years gone past, this close to the Budget we would have expected the nation's press to be full of what their journalists expect to see.

Instead, we’ve heard nothing at all.

Maybe this means the journalists can’t think of anything to say. Or maybe there really isn’t anything to say right now.

Perhaps they’re all dumbfounded. Perhaps – like many of us – they’re still reeling from the news the UK is being seen as the driver among the European countries.

Let’s face it, we’ve grown accustomed to having Germany up there as the guiding light. But now it’s us. Even though that seems a trifle unlikely after what we’ve been through since 2007.

But what worries me a little is I’ve been told by a few people the boatbuilders aren’t getting the orders they had been hoping for.

It seems those who always have money, regardless of the financial meanderings, took to heart the murmurings that Things Were Looking Up.

So they came out of their bunkers and spent some money. But maybe those on the rungs below, who have to finance their craft, haven’t stepped up to the plate yet.

That could be the cause of the slight hiatus in the market.

Or maybe they’re all bankers waiting for the next round of Big Bonuses. You know – those that were promised by Barclays not to be happening again.

But it seems the bankers are now holding their bosses to hostage over their demands for huge pay rises and bonuses.

And the bosses – frightened of offending those who earn the bosses' own bonuses – are stumping up the cash demanded.

This is in spite of EU reforms being set up to allow shareholders to curb executive rewards.

And guess what? Since the market crash in 2007 – caused by bankers and their devious methods – not one banker has been sent to jail.

The Marine Industry Regatta
But all this talk of high rollers and bad banks hasn’t stopped us running the Marine Industry Regatta again this year.

So come and join the fun on May 13 and 14. The £1200.00 fee includes VAT, the Tuesday evening meal for the eight crew, race day food, prizes, prizegiving tea and buns and the £100 donation to the John Merricks Sailing Trust

To enter, call Andy Wallace at Sunsail on 02392 222221, or Peter Nash on 01892 545696.

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