This month’s comment is a tricky one…

Generally, my comments are fairly easy to prepare. There are one or two conflicting points of view, with a few little sidelines that add some interesting little facts.

However… This one has certainly got me – and probably the rest of the country - thinking hard.

Faced with the June 23 vote, there are so many side issues; and so many different sides to this one that it’s not going to be easy to call.

But we will be asked to call this one on June 23. And, perhaps even more worrying is the fact that this vote is a one-off.

And whatever this nation votes for will be IT. There will be no second chances. If we get it wrong, we’re stuck with what we voted for.

But the real problem is that few of us know enough about the possibilities to enable us to come to an informed decision. Everywhere you look – or read – there are conflicting ideas.

On one hand we have China’s richest man insisting a Brexit vote could cause an exodus of Chinese companies from Britain.

Then again, this richest Chinese man goes by the name of Wang Jianlin. He’s better known to most of us in the leisure marine industry as being the founder of Dalian Wanda, the company that now owns Sunseeker.

He went on to say separation from the EU would ‘create more obstacles and challenges for investors and create visa problems for tourists’.

Up against Mr Jianlin is the portly London mayor Boris Johnson; he of the wayward hair. The fight between ex-Bullingdon Club members Boris and Dave should make interesting spectating.

But that’s all an aside. Because everyone has a dog in this fight.

So we each need to make sure our own dog is the top dog at the close of play.

But how can we do that? Every newspaper has a cloud of commentators. They try to offer us a balanced view of the various ideas available from the various sides.

But after reading for ten minutes or so, I’m sure most of us will find ourselves as confused as we were when we started.

Now if we had Donald Trump in there, I feel quietly sure the nation would be at one.

Unfortunately, we can’t throw tomatoes at Mr Trump. Well, we could, but it would be just a small diversion from the real – the very real – problems we face.

I read Dave is willing to take on Boris – or Michael Gove – in a televised debate. That might actually give us a chance to savour both sides of the story.

Or will it lead to even greater confusion?

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