What a way to start a New Year

Peter Nash is the editor of Boating Business

Mercator Media owns Boating Business, Seawork, a bunch of other titles (like The Motor Ship and Maritime Journal), some excellent exhibitions – like IceFish – and a few growing conferences – like Gas Fuelled Ships.

The whole company is dedicated to the B2B market.

So it was particularly nice to hear Mark Carney, in his recent speech to the Economic Club in New York, praising the UK’s bounce back to form with a drop in inflation from above 5% to 2.2% in just two years.

At the same time, he highlighted job creation has been running at 60,000 a month.

Mr Carney went on to say the UK’s recent economic record has ‘dwarfed those of the other major advanced economies’.

He’s a very upbeat man, this Mark Carney. A welcome change to the average politician with an eye on his ratings, trying always to be all things to all men and women.

And trying always to be on the right side and never admitting a wrong.

Like Mr Cameron’s insistence some time ago there would be no further expansion at Heathrow, only to find it’s now one of two major expansion programmes that will see a huge expansion of air traffic in the already rather crowded skies of the south of England.

I digress (I live close to the flight path from the easterly holding area on the south coast and have a fine view of scores of aircraft as they drop down to 4,000 ft on their way north prior to turning west for Gatwick), so the thought of even more aeroplanes joining the seemingly endless queues is a tad annoying...

Back to Mr Carney. He praised the UK’s manufacturing, construction and services, all for growing strongly.

And, he added, within that, business-to-business spending and production of capital goods is leading the way for the UK’s recovery.

So at Mercator Media, we’re very happy to be part of Mr Carney’s grand scheme that will see the UK not only back on its feet, but also leading the way.

Mind you, this doesn’t, of course, mean we’re going to be cutting our advertising rates, so don’t try that one on Sandra...

But what it ought to mean is we should all be following Mr Carney’s wonderfully upbeat view of the future. Because it’s all too easy to allow ourselves to be talked out of our success.

It’s a New Year. We’re off to the London Boat Show to start our sales pitch for the new season.

Mr Carney reckons we’re doing better than OK. So let’s make 2014 a great season...

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