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Marketing Communications

Writing a winning award entry
Winning a prestigious award and even securing a nomination can be used as a fantastic new business tool, writes Kate O'Sullivan. Awards increase your credibility, the company’s profile and lift team morale. 08 Nov 2017 - Boating Business
The importance of digital PR
Whilst generating print coverage remains an important part of any PR campaign, securing online coverage in the form of a digital PR campaign offers many significant benefits to businesses, writes Kate O'Sullivan. 11 Oct 2017 - Boating Business
2017 – the year of video?
Video is quickly becoming most people’s preferred method of media consumption, writes Kate O'Sullivan. With more than 3.25 billion (yes, billion) hours of YouTube video watched in just a single month and in excess of a billion individual visitors to the site, it is easy to see why more businesses than ever are incorporating video content into their marketing strategies. 27 Sep 2017 - Boating Business
How to work with a communications agency for a product launch
Whether launching a new product to market or updating existing product lines, successful and targeted communication at the right time with your key audiences is essential, writes Kate O'Sullivan. 10 Aug 2017 - Boating Business
How to maximise exhibitions using social media
If you’re exhibiting at a show, its important to have social media platforms and content schedules ready. Here’s a quick social media check list to help navigate your way to a productive show season, writes Kate O'Sullivan, MD at ADPR. 18 Jul 2017 - Boating Business
How to get that five star review
If you need convincing on why third party review sites matter - research has revealed that 92% of customers use reviews from sites like Trip Advisor or Trust Pilot to help them make purchasing decisions. Trip Advisor alone reaches 350 million unique visitors a month and sees 200 new contributions added every minute. 02 Jul 2017 - Boating Business
Sponsorship - more than just a logo?
All eyes have been on Ben Ainslie and the Landrover BAR team as they’ve prepared to compete in the America’s Cup and as a result their sponsors are also in the spotlight says Kate O'Sullivan, MD ADPR. 24 May 2017 - Boating Business
Agency woes
Have you ever had a bad experience with an advertising or design agency? Robin Petherbridge of Creative Partners reveals some of the tricks of the trade gleaned from 25 years creating campaigns for the marine industry. 27 Jan 2017 - Boating Business
Show don't tell
Marketing Communications Robin Petherbridge of Creative Partners reveals some of the tricks of the trade gleaned from 25 years creating campaigns for the marine industry. 24 Oct 2016 - Boating Business
Shrinking Magazines
Yachting Monthly's June issue had an interesting letter from a reader expressing disappointment at its 'diminished value' having shrunk from 200 pages in 2006 to 100 pages today. 19 Aug 2016 - Boating Business
Web copy
Writing copy for a website is the same as for a brochure, isn't it? Well sort of, but to be really effective there are crucial differences. 27 Jun 2016 - Boating Business
Keep it legal
Product endorsements in blogs and social media have become highly influential in consumers' buying decisions. So it's understandable that businesses are keen to get in on the act and influence input to these channels. 27 Apr 2016 - Boating Business
Show and tell
Exhibiting at an exhibition costs a considerable sum, so it's as well to make sure you get your money's worth. 17 Feb 2016 - Boating Business
Vive La Difference
When you're up against a bigger, stronger competitor in your sector, it can be tricky deciding on a marketing strategy. 20 Oct 2015 - Boating Business
Which logo?
There inevitably comes a time when you begin to feel that some element of your marketing communications needs refreshing. 26 Aug 2015 - Boating Business
Visual impact
The active boating public probably has little time for Twitter. 27 Jun 2015 - Boating Business
Mobile search rankings
Having a mobile friendly website has just become a whole lot more important. 23 May 2015 - Boating Business
Benefit checks
A few years back we did some marketing research for a well known British builder of powerboats. 10 Mar 2015 - Boating Business
Little acorns
It is 20 years ago this January that we launched the Creative Partners agency. 26 Jan 2015 - Boating Business
The next MBM
The closure of ‘Motor Boats Monthly’ may be my fault. Singing the praises of traditional printed media in my July column was possibly the kiss of death. 11 Nov 2014 - Boating Business