Mobile search rankings

23 May 2015

Having a mobile friendly website has just become a whole lot more important.

On 21 April Google changed the way that websites are ranked in its search results on mobile devices, in favour of sites that are mobile friendly.

If your website is already 'responsive', that is to say it re-formats its layout to suit mobiles, then you needn't worry. If it's not, then you should act soon.

And you'll be pleased to know that you thankfully don't have to start from scratch with a whole new responsive website.

There is a less expensive option, and that is to create a separate mobile version of your site. The main and mobile versions run side by side on your host server, and something called 'Dynamic Serving' detects which device someone is using – mobile, tablet or desktop – and sends them the right version of the site.

One clear bonus of this approach is the new dedicated mobile version of your site can be purpose designed from the outset for small screens, with properly mobile friendly page layouts, more succinct content and smaller images, all of which means it will load faster than a responsive site.

The main and mobile sites will share the same url, thereby avoiding search and technical confusion, and Google will rank each version of your page separately for desktop and mobile searches.