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Marketing Communications

Too many cooks
Imagine a boat designed by a committee, where each member is responsible for a different part of it and everyone is invited to make alterations to anyone else's part. Heath Robinson would have a field day! 28 Aug 2013 - Boating Business
Digital direct mail
Email marketing, or electronic direct mail (eDM) is now one of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolkit. Like all marketing communications, its effectiveness depends entirely on how well it's done. 14 May 2013 - Boating Business
Jam tomorrow
It has often been said, and it's well worth repeating, that there is no better opportunity to increase your market share than a recession. 02 May 2013 - Boating Business
Prepare for takeoff!
Vestas Sailrocket 2's astounding 70mph dash to snatch the world speed sailing record could be one of the best things to happen to the marine industry since the invention of windsurfing. 29 Jan 2013 - Boating Business
Imperfect pitch
The £14m it cost Virgin to tender for the west coast rail franchise is a sobering reminder of the financial commitment involved in pitching for business. 27 Nov 2012 - Boating Business
If you were in the business of selling digital, mobile and social media marketing communications tools, which marketing channels might you use to sell those products? 04 Oct 2012 - Boating Business
Keeping up appearances
The reason an Ad in ‘Vogue’ will convey a very different message from the same Ad published in ‘Woman's Weekly’, is due to the phenomenon identified by Marshall McLuhan when he wrote: "The medium is the message". 19 Jul 2012 - Boating Business
Brand values
iPhone or Android? Garmin or Simrad? Fairline or Princess? Which do you favour? Which do you feel more comfortable with? 28 Jun 2012 - Boating Business
Brand it well
As a fresh-faced final year undergraduate attending an interview at one of the top London Ad agencies, I was shown one of their latest creations and asked "What's the most important thing in this Ad?" 27 Mar 2012 - Boating Business
Corporate style
You may not like the bright orange and nursery school typefaces of EasyJet's corporate graphic design style, but you can't deny how strong and recognisable it is. 19 Jan 2012 - Boating Business
The product
There was no mistaking the black and red of Autohelm, the dark blue hull of a Sunseeker or the pale blue band linking the windows of a Swan. 10 Dec 2011 - Boating Business
More mature readers will remember “The Best Outboard Motor for the World”. An image might even pop into your head of a stripy-shirted sailor with a kitbag on his shoulder carrying a Seagull outboard. 09 Sep 2011 - Boating Business
09 Aug 2011 - Boating Business
Brand names
24 May 2011 - Boating Business
The importance of customer focus
21 Feb 2011 - Boating Business
On acronyms and things
23 Jan 2011 - Boating Business
What do you want to achieve?
24 Nov 2010 - Boating Business
Happy returns
Marketing: an expense or an investment? Many people (particularly accountants, bless them) would probably say it's an expense. But isn't it supposed to earn more than it costs? 08 Sep 2010 - Boating Business