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Adrian Miles is the MD of Bruntons Propellers Adrian Miles is the MD of Bruntons Propellers
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How I got into this industry…I grew up in a sailing family racing dinghies and thought what can I do that involves boats. The initial idea was to be a yacht designer but I ended up making propellers. Not sure quite how that happened but it has given me a fantastic life experience of all types of craft and people from all over the world.

Best advice I've ever received...Phil Bollen, chief designer at Bruntons when I first started in the drawing office said: “Experience is directly proportional to the number of cock ups you have made….and I am very experienced.”

It’s stayed with me all my working life so when I or someone else makes a mistake we learn and make better decisions in the future.

You should really read...Not really a question for me as I’ve only read a few books in my time, I like to get out and do things.

One thing the industry needs less of is...Red tape, but that is true of life, not just our industry.

Most hated buzzword or workplace expression…I wouldn’t say I have a hated word, but it makes me chuckle when people, ‘reach out’ to me, mostly from larger companies who have clearly been on the same training course.

Best place I’ve been...The top of a mountain with blue skies and sunshine.

Don't worry about...What other people might think, just do the right thing.

Favourite meal…Roast Lamb in the British winter, nice hot curry late at night, or a seafood barbecue in the sunshine. All of course washed down with a glass or two of nice wine and most importantly good company.

How I cope with stress…Do something sporting and physical that you have to concentrate on so your mind can’t wonder on to other things, dinghy sailing, track days and skiing are my outlets.

Something about you that people might be surprised by…I used to be a bit of a punk rocker

Adrian Miles is MD of Bruntons Propellers

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