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Richard Roberts and Simon White are joint CEO and co-founders of Richard Roberts and Simon White are joint CEO and co-founders of
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How I got into this industry…. RR:  I wasn’t happy in the world of commercial architecture. It was either a property or boats portal and my passion for sailing and love of the ocean won. SW: Richard had the idea of building an online boating marketplace. With my background in web development, I was able to build the website, so we just cracked on and started the business.

Best advice I've ever received....
RR:  Never stop building meaningful relationships with your customers.
SW:  Take your time. Everyone wants everything yesterday. But if you take your time, you can do a proper job and whatever you’re trying to accomplish will be far better as a result.

You should really read....
RR: The E-Myth Revisited, an absolute must for entrepreneurs.
SW:  Online content. In IT, if you wait for the book to be published, it’s already out of date.

One thing the industry needs less of is....
RR:  Pretentiousness - boating is for everyone and can be so inspiring and life-changing for everyone in all walks of life.
SW:  Bad customer service

Most hated buzzword or workplace expression…
RR:  ‘I believe so’ – this vague expression never fills me with confidence.
SW:  Sentences interspersed with ‘you know’. If I know, why are you telling me?

Best place I’ve been....
RR:  Kuredu, The Maldives
SW:  The Maldives – just amazing

Don't worry about...
RR:  The little things
SW:  Anything. All the atoms in your body have already been through a supernova and in a few billion years will be engulfed by the sun. For me, this puts most problems into perspective.

Favourite meal…
RR:  Filet mignon with truffle mash and shiitake mushrooms.
SW: I’m too fickle for favourites.

How I cope with stress….
RR:  Working out and much laughter.
SW:  Going for a good run really helps. If that doesn’t work, then a bottle of wine. Never drink the wine before the run.

Something about you that people might be surprised by...
RR:  I nearly drowned in a weir as a small boy and overcame my fear of the water by learning to open water scuba dive.
SW:  The longest I’ve held my breath for is five minutes.

Richard Roberts and Simon White are joint CEO and co-founders of

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