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Rob Stevens is MD of Topsail Insurance Rob Stevens is MD of Topsail Insurance

How I got into this industry…My Father started in Lloyd’s in the late 50’s, then my brother in the 80’s so in 1986 it was a natural progression for me to go onto a Lloyd’s marine syndicate. I’ve been in marine insurance ever since. I’m not sure what I want to do when I grow up though.

Best advice I've ever received...Don’t step on the toes of people on the way up, you may be kissing their feet on the way down. Don’t make enemies in the industry.  t’s a very close-knit community and we all have to work alongside one another.  

You should really read...The Financial Conduct Authority rule book if you have insomnia. Alternatively, I’d recommend This thing of Darkness by Harry Thompson. It’s about Robert Fitzroy, captain of the Royal Naval survey ship The Beagle who took Charles Darwin to the South Americas. It’s a fantastic read.

One thing the industry needs less of is...Regulation. It’s definitely needed and it benefits companies and consumers but those employed in the regulation and compliance industry need to remember that we are also trying to run a business. Any form of dissatisfaction is now classed as a complaint and that means we have to provide a full complaints process…welcome to our world.

Most hated buzzword or workplace expression…Thanks for reaching out. I didn’t reach out; I sent you an email. It makes my blood boil.

Best place I’ve been...I’ve been to some wonderful places in the UK and around the world. But the best place I’ve been is in a luxury Pullman dining car having a seven-course meal whilst being pulled by the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive, a truly memorable experience.

Don't worry about...Anything. As an insurance broker my glass is always half full, so for me optimism is a very important sales tool. If you have the enthusiasm for your products with the optimism that you can achieve whatever you strive for, then you have the basic tools for success.

Favourite meal…I’d like to come across as sophisticated but you can’t beat local fresh cod and chips wrapped in paper, sitting watching the setting sun, overlooking the harbour of a quintessential British seaside town…pass the ketchup, please.

How I cope with stress…Ask my Doctor.

Something about you that people might be surprised by…I’ve been known to tread the boards and to be involved in amateur musical theatre. Other than that, I don’t have any surprises, and I’m pretty much an open book. Maybe that’s something for my next 50 years - to find new things that will surprise everyone.

Rob Stevens is MD of Topsail Insurance

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